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  • Zhou, J. T., Fang, M., Zhang, H., Gong, C., Peng, X., Cao, Z., & Goh, R. S. M. (2019). Learning With Annotation of Various Degrees. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 30(9), 2794-2804. doi:10.1109/tnnls.2018.2885854

  • Fang, M., Zhou, T., Yin, J., Wang, Y., & Tao, D. (2019). Data Subset Selection With Imperfect Multiple Labels. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 30(7), 2212-2221. doi:10.1109/tnnls.2018.2875470

  • Hou, Y., Fang, M., Che, W., & Liu, T. (2019). A Corpus-Free State2Seq User Simulator for Task-Oriented Dialogue. In Lecture Notes in Computer Science (including subseries Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence and Lecture Notes in Bioinformatics) Vol. 11856 LNAI (pp. 689-702). doi:10.1007/978-3-030-32381-3_55

  • Du, Y., Fang, M., Yi, J., Xu, C., Cheng, J., & Tao, D. (2019). Enhancing the robustness of neural collaborative filtering systems under malicious attacks. IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 21(3), 555-565. doi:10.1109/TMM.2018.2887018

  • Fang, M., Zhou, C., Shi, B., Gong, B., Xu, J., & Zhang, T. (2019). Dher: Hindsight experience replay for dynamic goals. In 7th International Conference on Learning Representations, ICLR 2019.

  • Li, T., Xi, W., Fang, M., Xu, J., & Meng, M. Q. H. (2019). Learning to Solve a Rubik's Cube with a Dexterous Hand. In IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Biomimetics, ROBIO 2019 (pp. 1387-1393). doi:10.1109/ROBIO49542.2019.8961560

  • Du, Y., Fang, M., Yi, J., Cheng, J., & Tao, D. (2018). Towards query efficient black-box attacks: An input-free perspective. In Proceedings of the ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security (pp. 13-24). doi:10.1145/3270101.3270106

  • Zhou, J. T., Zhao, H., Peng, X., Fang, M., Qin, Z., & Goh, R. S. M. (2018). Transfer Hashing: From Shallow to Deep. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems, 29(12), 6191-6201. doi:10.1109/tnnls.2018.2827036

  • Gong, C., Chang, X., Fang, M., & Yang, J. (2018). Teaching semi-supervised classifier via generalized distillation. In IJCAI International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Vol. 2018-July (pp. 2156-2162).

  • Fang, M., Yin, J., Hall, L. O., & Tao, D. (2017). Active multitask learning with trace norm regularization based on excess risk. IEEE Transactions on Cybernetics, 47(11), 3906-3915. doi:10.1109/TCYB.2016.2590023

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