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  • Sciascia, A., & Hohepa, M. K. (2018). He Kura Whakarauora pūrongo aromātai: He Kura Whakarauora Pūrongo Aromātai. Core Education Ltd.

  • Hohepa, M., & McIntosh, L. (2017). Transition to school for indigenous children. In N. Ballam, B. Perry, & A. Garpelin (Eds.), Pedagogies of Educational Transitions (pp. 77-93). Switzerland: Springer Nature.

  • Bateman, A., Hohepa, M., & Bennett, T. (2017). Indigenizing outdoor play in New Zealand: A conversation analysis approach. In T. Waller, E. Arlemalm-Hagser, E. B. H. Sandseter, L. Lee-Hammond, K. Lekies, & S. Wyver (Eds.), SAGE Handbook of Outdoor Play and Learning (pp. 530-542). SAGE.

  • Hohepa, M., Paki, V., Peters, S., Gilbert, T., Hawksworth, L., Olliver, D., . . . Hakaraia, T. (2017). Riariakina ō rongo hirikapo From kōhanga reo to kura. Teaching & Learning Research Initiative. Retrieved from

  • Hohepa, M., & Paki, V. (2017). Māori medium education and transition to school. In N. Ballam, B. Perry, & A. Garpelin (Eds.), Pedagogies of Educational Transitions (pp. 95-111). Switzerland: Springer Nature.

  • Hohepa, M. K. (2016). He puna marau: Addressing curriculum requirements in Māori-medium teacher education. In 4th International Conference on Language, Education and Diversity 2015. Conference held at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Hohepa, M. K., & Hakaraia, T. (2016). Teachers working collaboratively to support transition in Māori immersion education settings – Whanaungatanga in action. In 10th Annual Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Indigenous Peoples of the Pacific AERA Pre-Conference 2016. Conference held at National Museum of the American Indian, Washington DC, USA.

  • Hohepa, M. K., Paki, V., Peters, S., Hawksworth, L., Olliver, D., Anderson, T., & Hakaraia, T. (2016). From about the child to with the child: Assessment and transitions in indigenous language education. In Public Scholarship to Educate Diverse Democracies. Conference held American Educational Research Association, Washington DC, USA.

  • Hohepa, M. K., Gilbert, T., Hawksworth, L., Anderson, T., Olliver, D. A., Pohatu, T., . . . Peters, S. (2015). Transition and indigenous language education settings. In AERA: Towards Justice. Culture, Language and Heritage in Education Research and Praxis. Chicago, Illinois.

  • Hohepa, M. K. (2015). Nau mai; Whakawhiti mai: Enhancing transitions from kōhanga to kura. In He Manawa Whenua Indigenous Research Conference 2015.

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