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  • Tawhai, C., & Roche, M. (2021). Diversity and inclusion for wahine Maori leaders: A retrospective research agenda. In HRNZ Virtual Summit.

  • Xu, X., Jiang, L., Hong, P., & Roche, M. (2021). Will mindful employees benefit from positive work reflection triggered by transformational leadership? A two-study examination.. International Journal of Stress Management, 28(1), 61-73. doi:10.1037/str0000222

  • Roche, M., & Haar, J. (2021). Intersection of indigenous values and ethical leadership. In Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Ethics. SpringerLink. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-23514-1_1227-1

  • Wrapson, W., Dorrestein, M., Wrapson, J., Theadom, A., Kayes, N., Snell, D., . . . Siegert, R. (2021). Stroke survivors’ expectations and post-intervention perceptions of mindfulness training: A qualitative study. Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, online, 23. doi:10.1080/09602011.2021.1950777

  • Wrapson, W., Dorrestein, M., Wrapson, J., Theadom, A., Kayes, N. M., Snell, D. L., . . . Siegert, R. J. (2021). A feasibility study of a one-to-one mindfulness-based intervention for improving mood in stroke survivors. Mindfulness, 12, 1148-1158. doi:10.1007/s12671-020-01583-4

  • Brougham, D., Haar, J., & Roche, M. (2020). A Kaupapa Maori approach to human resource management practices in Aotearoa workplaces. Auckland: New Zealand Work Research Institute.

  • Roche, M., & Haar, J. (2020). Motivations, work–family enrichment and job satisfaction: an indirect effects model. Personnel Review, 49(3), 903-920. doi:10.1108/PR-06-2019-0289

  • Roche, M., Haar, J., Shang, S., & Brougham, D. (2020). Leaders relational energy and employee job outcomes: A moderated mediation model across three countries. In EURAM 2020 Conference. Online. Retrieved from

  • Roche, M., Good, D., Lyddy, C., Tuckey, M., Grazier, M., Leroy, H., & Hülsheger, U. (2020). A Swiss army knife? How science challenges our understanding of mindfulness in the workplace. Organizational Dynamics, 49(4), 9 pages. doi:10.1016/j.orgdyn.2020.100766

  • Roche, M., Brougham, D., Blackwood, K., & Gordon, M. (2020). [Editorial] Introduction. New Zealand Journal of Human Resources Management, 20(1), 2.

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