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  • Sun, Y., Ip, P. S., Arunachalam, M., & Davey, H. (2022). From ivory tower to a storyteller of value creation: Integrated reporting at Japanese and South African universities. Journal of Intellectual Capital, online. doi:10.1108/JIC-01-2021-0008

  • Hunjra, A. I., Boubaker, S., Arunachalam, M., & Mehmood, A. (2021). How does CSR mediate the relationship between culture, religiosity and firm performance?. Finance Research Letters, 39, 12 pages. doi:10.1016/

  • Hunjra, A., Arunachalam, M., & Harif, M. (2021). Financial development-economic growth nexus: Theoretical underpinnings, empirical evidence, and critical reflections. In M. Shahbaz, A. Soliman, & S. Ullah (Eds.), Economic Growth and Financial Development: Effects of Capital Flight in Emerging Economies (pp. 155-178). Springer.

  • Benjamin, S., Biswas, P., Arunachalam, M., & Marathamuthu, S. (2021). Social media sentiments and firm value. In 11th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference (pp. 21 pages). Virtual.

  • Benjamin, S., Biswas, P., Marathamuthu, M., & Arunachalam, M. (2021). Social media sentiments and firm value. Applied Economics, online, 16 pages. doi:10.1080/00036846.2021.2001421

  • Arunachalam, M., Ouch, S., & Benjamin, S. (2021). Analysis of sustainability reporting by Maori organisations in New Zealand. In 11th Financial Markets and Corporate Governance Conference. Virtual.

  • Hunjra, A., Kijkasiwat, P., Arunachalam, M., & Hammami, H. (2021). Covid-19 health policy intervention and volatility of Asian capital markets. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 169, 120840. doi:10.1016/j.techfore.2021.120840

  • Meutia, I., Kartasari, S., Yaacob, Z., & Arunachalam, M. (2020). Mapping sustainable finance: A detailed analysis of banks in Indonesia. Indonesian Journal of Sustainability Accounting and Management, 4(1), 13. doi:10.28992/ijsam.v4i1.110

  • Chong, K. -R., & Arunachalam, M. (2018). Determinants of enforced tax compliance: Empirical evidence from Malaysia. Advances in Taxation, 25, 147-172. doi:10.1108/S1058-749720180000025007

  • Arunachalam, M., Chen, C., & Davey, H. (2017). A model for measuring financial sustainability of local authorities: Model development and application. Asia-Pacific Management Accounting Journal, 12(1), 31 pages.

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