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  • Challenges to critical legal education: A case study (2018). Educational Philosophy and Theory. Retrieved from

  • Wilson, M. A., & Whaipooti, J. A. (2017). Commentary on Taylor v Attorney-General. Disengaging the disengaged: The case of prisoner voting. In Feminist Judgments of Aotearoa New Zealand Te Tino: A Two-Stranded Rope (pp. 53-71). Portland, Oregon: Hart Publishing.

  • Wilson, M. A. (2017). Policy and law in development of relationship property legislation in New Zealand. Otago Law Review, 15(1), 89-100.

  • Wilson, M. A. (2017). The politics of workplace reform: 40 years of change. In M. wilson, G. Anderson, A. Geare, & E. Rasmussen (Eds.), Transforming Workplace Relations in New Zealand 1976-2016 (pp. 44-59). Wellington: Victoria University Press.

  • Wilson, M. (2017). The impact of neo-liberalism on the idea of public office: Legal office in New Zealand. In A. Yeatman (Ed.), Neoliberal Government and its Implications for Public Office and the Welfare State – two essays (Vol. 4, pp. 9-23). Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University.

  • McGregor, J., Bell, S., & Wilson, M. A. (2016). Human Rights in New Zealand: Emerging Faultlines. Bridget Williams Books. doi:10.7810/9780947492748

  • Wilson, M. (2016). Strike ballots: The New Zealand experience. Australian Journal of Labour Law, 29(2), 194-209.

  • wilson, M. (2016). The role of the political party as representative of the public within a neo-liberal political system: New Zealand - A case study: Reclaiming the Public. Working Papers in the Human Rights and Public Life Program (3). Whitlam Institute within Western Sydney University.

  • Wilson, M. (2016). Women in government/governance in New Zealand: A case study of engagement over forty years. In The Public Law of Gender. From the Local to the Global (pp. 273-295). Cambridge, United Kingdom: Cambridge University Press.

  • Wilson, M. A. (2016). A significant landmark on the path to women's equality. The Parliamentarian, 97(1), 40-43.

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