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  • Williamson, M. (2021). Oral Submission to the Education and Workforce Select Committee Inquiry into Student Accommodation. In Parliament, Wellington, Education and Select Committee in SC Room 4. Retrieved from

  • Williamson, M. (2021). NZ student accommodation is expensive and under-regulated — here are 10 ways to fix it.

  • Williamson, M. (2021). Submission of Myra Williamson to the Justice Committee regarding the Harmful Digital Communications (Unauthorized Posting of Intimate Visual Recording) Amendment Bill. Parliament, Justice Committee..

  • Williamson, M. (2020). A stress-test for democracy: Analysing the New Zealand Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic from a constitutional perspective. SSRN Electronic Journal. doi:10.2139/ssrn.3618879

  • Williamson, M. (2020). Letter to the Minister of Justice Right Hon. Andrew Little suggesting reform of the Holidays Act 2003. In Letter to Minister of Justice.

  • Williamson, M. (2020). Submission from Myra Williamson to the Education and Workforce Select Committee - Enquiry into Student Accomodation. website: Parliament.

  • Williamson, M. E. J. B. (2020). Balancing the benefits of overseas investment against the protection of sensitive land: New Zealand’s approach. In Kuwait International Law School 7th Annual International Conference: Legal Regulation for Investment Developement. Hosted in Kuwait at the Kuwait International Law School but conducted via Zoom due to COVID-19 prohibiting international travel. Retrieved from

  • Williamson, M. (2020). Connection: how can a teacher help students stay connected?. In LearnFest20: Te Puna Aurei - A spring of intertwining knowledge.

  • Williamson, M. (2020). Interview contribution to [How to fix online bullying legislation by Diana Clement]. Retrieved from

  • Williamson, M. (2020). Overseas investment through legal, policy and comparative law lenses: An examination of New ‎Zealand’s approach to protecting sensitive land and the interests of future generations including ‎comparisons with Canada and Kuwait. Kuwait International Law School Journal, 8(8), 143-187.

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