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  • Raman, D. (2019). Fluoridation of drinking water supplies: A toxic breach of human rights. New Zealand Law Journal, 3, 79-87.

  • Raman, D. (2019). Recommendations of the Tax Working Group: its take on the environment. Resource Management Bulletin, 12(16), 191-195.

  • Raman, D. (2018). Single use plastic ban: the first step. Resource Management Bulletin, 12(13), 153-156.

  • Raman, D. (2018). Damming and Infrastructural Development of the Indus River Basin: Strengthening the Provisions of the Indus Waters Treaty. Asian Journal of International Law, 8(2), 372-402. doi:10.1017/S2044251317000029

  • Raman, D. (2018). Corporate social responsibility towards climate change: corporates’ legal obligations. Resource Management Bulletin, 12(11), 126-129.

  • Raman, D. (2014). Review of the Indus Waters Kishenganga Arbitration (Final Award) 2013: An Ecological Perspective. Indian Journal of Arbitration law, 43-60.

  • Raman, D. (2007). Privatisation of labour standards under corporate social responsibility and social reporting in New Zealand. Waikato Law Review, 15, 240-256.

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