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  • Flanagan, P. (2019). Formation of children as healthy sexual beings. In Anglophone Safeguarding Conference. Conference held Rome, Italy.

  • Flanagan, P. (2019). Sexual childhood: Questions for practice to prevent harmful/problematic behaviour. In Valuing all voices. Australian and New Zealand Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abuse - 9th Biennial Conference. Brisbane, Australia.

  • Flanagan, P. (2019). Using Foucault’s notions of discourse to explore and research child sexuality. In Te Kura Toi Tangata Faculty of Education Colloquium.

  • Flanagan, P. (2019). Children and sexuality: Therapists working with families. In Counsellor Education Community Day, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Flanagan, P. (2019). Unpacking the effects of power relations in childhood sexuality: A discursive analysis based on conversations with parents, teachers and counsellors. (PhD Thesis).

  • Flanagan, P., & Kotze, E. (2018). Researching men's mental health and wellbeing. In LearnFest18: Inclusion and Innovation.

  • Flanagan, P., & Kotze, E. (2018). Men, mental health and wellbeing. In Counsellor Education Community Day, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Flanagan, P. G. (2017). Tales of gender(ed) identity constructions in one boys' Catholic school: A review of Masculinities and Other Hopeless Causes at an All-Boys Catholic School. Journal of LGBT Youth, 14(1), 133-137. doi:10.1080/19361653.2016.1256250

  • Flanagan, P., Cottrell, C., Graham, H., Marsden, V., Roberts, L., & Young, J. (2017). Ethics, relationships and pragmatics in the use of e-technologies in counselling supervision. New Zealand Journal of Counselling, 37(1), 24-43.

  • Flanagan, P. (2017). [Review of Childhood sexuality and AIDS education: The price of innocence by Deevia Bhana]. Journal of LGBT Youth, 1-3. doi:10.1080/19361653.2017.1405763

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