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Publications ByMATAMUA, Rangi-Anehu-A L (Rangi)

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  • Matamua, R. (2018). Matariki: A star journey. In The Arts Centre, Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Matamua, R. (2018). Talk: Dr Rangi Mātāmua: The astronomy of Matariki. In Rotorua Girls High School, Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Matamua, R. (2018). Matariki lecture to illuminate Maori astronomy. In Stuff. The Press.

  • Matamua, R. -A. L. (2017). Matariki start starless but celebratory. In Radio Waatea.

  • Timoti, P., O'B Lyver, P., Matamua, R., Jones, C. J., & Tahi, B. L. (2017). A representation of a Tuawhenua worldview guides environmental conservation. Ecology and Society, 22(4), 11 pages. doi:10.5751/ES-09768-220420

  • Matamua, R. -A. L. (2017). Māori astronomy Rangi Matamua on Matariki. In Radio New Zealand.

  • Hardy, A., Matamua, R., & Whaanga, H. (2017). Beyond reclamation: Matariki and materializing religious culture. In Popular Culture Association of Australia and New Zealand (PopCAANZ) 8th International Conference. Conference held at Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Matamua, R. -A. L. (2017). Dr Rangi Matamua hopes to revive Maori astronomy. In Maori Television News, New Zealand.

  • Matamua, R. -A. L. (2017). Matariki - the star of the year. In Matariki Talk, Energy Events Centre, Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Matamua, R. -A. L. (2017). Matariki - the star of the year. In Te Taiwhenua o Heretaunga, Hastings, New Zealand.

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