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  • Pellegrini, A., Rose, J., & Scarpa, R. (2022). Multiple herbicide use in cropland: A discrete continuous model for stated choice data. Land Economics, 98(2), 0150R1. doi:10.3368/le.98.2.092520-0150r1

  • Atzori, R., Pellegrini, A., Lombardi, G. V., & Scarpa, R. (2022). Response Times and subjective complexity of food choices: A web-based experiment across 3 countries. Social Science Computer Review, online, 24 pages. doi:10.1177/08944393211073585

  • Asiago-Reddy, E. A., McPeak, J., Scarpa, R., Braksmajer, A., Ruszkowski, N., McMahon, J., & London, A. S. (2022). Perceived access to PrEP as a critical step in engagement: A qualitative analysis and discrete choice experiment among young men who have sex with men. PLoS ONE, 17(1), 21 pages. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0258530

  • Arata, L., Guastella, G., Pareglio, S., Scarpa, R., & Sckokai, P. (2021). Do city dwellers care about peri-urban land use? The case of environment-friendly agriculture around Milan. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 64(6), 1044-1066. doi:10.1080/09640568.2020.1799765

  • Scarpa, R., Bazzani, C., Begalli, D., & Capitello, R. (2021). Resolvable and near‐epistemic uncertainty in stated preference for olive oil: An empirical exploration. Journal of Agricultural Economics, 72(2), 335-369. doi:10.1111/1477-9552.12398

  • De Villiers, C., Cho, C. H., Turner, M. J., & Scarpa, R. (2021). Are shareholders willing to pay for financial, social and environmental disclosure? A choice-based experiment. European Accounting Review, online. doi:10.1080/09638180.2021.1944890

  • Chakrapani, V., Newman, P. A., Cameron, M., Shunmugam, M., Roungprakhon, S., Rawat, S., . . . Scarpa, R. (2021). Willingness to use Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) and preferences among men who have sex with men in Mumbai and Chennai, India: A discrete choice experiment. AIDS and Behavior, 25, 3074-3084. doi:10.1007/s10461-021-03253-5

  • Scarpa, R., Franceschinis, C., & Thiene, M. (2021). Logit mixed logit under asymmetry and multimodality of WTP: A Monte Carlo evaluation. American Journal of Agricultural Economics, 103(2), 643-662. doi:10.1111/ajae.12122

  • Aftab, A., Ahmed, A., & Scarpa, R. (2021). Farm households' perception of weather change and flood adaptations in northern Pakistan. Ecological Economics, 182, 106882. doi:10.1016/j.ecolecon.2020.106882

  • Sourd, R., Beaumais, O., Mahieu, P. -A., Martínez-Camblor, P., & Scarpa, R. (2021). A contingent valuation test for measuring the construct validity of willingness-to-pay estimates derived from choice-experiments. Land Economics, online, 102219-0150R1. doi:10.3368/wple.97.3.102219-0150r1

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