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  • Anand, A., Sharma, R., & Kohli, R. (2020). The effects of operational and financial performance failure on BI&A-enabled search behaviors: A theory of performance-driven search. Information Systems Research, 31(4), 1144-1163. doi:10.1287/isre.2020.0936

  • Queiroz, M., Tallon, P. P., Coltman, T., Sharma, R., & Reynolds, P. (2020). Aligning the IT portfolio with business strategy: Evidence for complementarity of corporate and business unit alignment. Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 29(3), 15 pages. doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2020.101623

  • Tallon, P. P., Queiroz, M., Coltman, T., & Sharma, R. (2019). Information technology and the search for organizational agility: A systematic review with future research possibilities. Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 28(2), 218-237. doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2018.12.002

  • Queiroz, M., Tallon, P., Coltman, T., & Sharma, R. (2018). Corporate knows best (maybe): The impact of global versus local IT capabilities on business unit agility. In 51st Hawaii International Conference on Systems Sciences (HICSS 2018) (pp. 1045-1054). Conference held Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, USA: Curran Associates. Retrieved from

  • Queiroz, M., Coltman, T., Tallon, P., Sharma, R., & Reynolds, P. (2018). The complementarity of corporate IT alignment and business unit IT alignment: An analysis of joint effects on business unit performance. In 51st Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2018) (pp. 880-889). Conference held Waikoloa Village, Hawaii, USA: Curran Associates.

  • Queiroz, M., Tallon, P., Sharma, R., & Coltman, T. (2018). The role of IT application orchestration capability in improving agility and performance. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, 27(1), 4-21. doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2017.10.002

  • McGregor, A., Sharma, R., Magee, C., Caputi, P., & Iverson, D. (2018). Explaining variations in the findings of presenteeism research: A meta-analytic investigation into the moderating effects of construct operationalizations and chronic health. Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, 23(4), 584-601. doi:10.1037/ocp0000099

  • Hope, T., Chew, E., & Sharma, R. (2017). The failure of success factors: Lessons from success and failure cases of enterprise architecture implementation. In SIGMIS-CPR 2017 - Proceedings of the 2017 ACM SIGMIS Conference on Computers and People Research (pp. 21-27). doi:10.1145/3084381.3084392

  • McDermott, M. S., & Sharma, R. (2017). Evaluating the impact of method bias in health behaviour research: a meta-analytic examination of studies utilising the theories of reasoned action and planned behaviour. Health Psychology Review, 11(4), 358-373. doi:10.1080/17437199.2017.1339568

  • Talaei-Khoei, A., Lewis, L., Kaul, M., Daniel, J., & Sharma, R. (2017). Use of lean robotic communication to improve social response of children with autism. In AMCIS 2017. Conference held Boston, USA.

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