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  • Hogenbirk, J. C., Robinson, D. R., & Strasser, R. P. (2021). Distributed education enables distributed economic impact: the economic contribution of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine to communities in Canada. Health Economics Review, 11(1). doi:10.1186/s13561-021-00317-z

  • Strasser, R., & Berry, S. (2021). Integrated clinical learning: team teaching and team learning in primary care. Education for Primary Care. doi:10.1080/14739879.2021.1882886

  • Abelsen, B., Strasser, R., Heaney, D., Berggren, P., Sigurðsson, S., Brandstorp, H., . . . Nicoll, P. (2020). Plan, recruit, retain: a framework for local healthcare organizations to achieve a stable remote rural workforce. Human Resources for Health, 18(1). doi:10.1186/s12960-020-00502-x

  • Woolley, T., Hogenbirk, J., & Strasser, R. (2020). Retaining graduates of non-metropolitan medical schools for practice in the local area: the importance of locally based postgraduate training pathways in Australia and Canada. Rural and Remote Health. doi:10.22605/rrh5835

  • Hays, R. B., Strasser, R. P., & Sen Gupta, T. K. (2020). Twelve tips for establishing a new medical school. Medical Teacher, 42(4), 398-402. doi:10.1080/0142159x.2019.1571570

  • Strasser, R., & Strasser, S. (2020). Reimagining Primary health care workforce in rural and underserved settings. Retrieved from

  • Dubé, T. V., Schinke, R. J., & Strasser, R. (2019). It takes a community to train a future physician: social support experienced by medical students during a community-engaged longitudinal integrated clerkship. Canadian Medical Education Journal, 10(3), e5-16. doi:10.36834/cmej.43460

  • Rowe, N., Keenan, R., Lack, L., Malloy, N., Strasser, R., & Lawrenson, R. (2019). Community engagement in general practice: A qualitative study. Journal of Primary Health Care, 11(2), 146-151. doi:10.1071/HC18092

  • Wenghofer, E. F., Kam, S. M., Timony, P. E., Strasser, R., & Sutinen, J. (2018). Geographic variation in FP and GP scope of practice in Ontario Comparative provincial study. Canadian Family Physician, 64(6), E274-E282. Retrieved from

  • Strasser, R., & Cheu, H. (2018). Needs of the many Northern Ontario School of Medicine students' experience of generalism and rural practice. Canadian Family Physician, 64(6), 449-455. Retrieved from

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