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  • Coulter, L., Serrao-Neumann, S., & Coiacetto, E. (2019). Climate change adaptation narratives: Linking climate knowledge and future thinking. Futures, 111, 57-70. doi:10.1016/j.futures.2019.05.004

  • Kitson, G., Nicholson, M., Low Choy, D., Jones, D., Serrao-Neumann, S., & Schuch, G. (2018). Being ‘in-there’ not ‘out-there’: Urban planning and Aboriginal peoples Being ‘in-there’ not ‘out-there’: Urban planning and Aboriginal peoples. In State of Australian Cities Conference 2017. Conference held in Adelaide, South Australia. doi:10.4225/50/5b302705342f2

  • Pazmiño, A., Serrao-Neumann, S., & Choy, D. L. (2018). Towards comprehensive policy integration for the sustainability of small islands: A landscape-scale planning approach for the Galápagos Islands. Sustainability (Switzerland), 10(4), 1-29. doi:10.3390/su10041228

  • Kabir, M. E., Davey, P., Serrao-Neumann, S., & Hossain, M. (2018). Seasonal drought thresholds and internal migration for adaptation: Lessons from Northern Bangladesh. In M. Hossain, R. Hales, & T. Sarker (Eds.), Pathways to a Sustainable Economy. Bridging the Gap between Paris Climate Change Commitments and Net Zero Emissions (pp. 167-189). Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-67702-6

  • Renouf, M. A., Kenway, S. J., Larn, K. L., Roux, E., Serrao-Neumann, S., Choy, D. L., & Morgan, E. A. (2018). Understanding urban water performance at the city-region scale using an urban water metabolism evaluation framework. Water Research, 137, 395-406. doi:10.1016/j.watres.2018.01.070

  • Modesto dos Santos, F., & Serrao-Neumann, S. (2018). Climate and environmental perception and governance in coastal areas: the case of Ilha Comprida, São Paulo, Brazil. In W. Leal Filho, & L. Esteves Freitas (Eds.), Climate Change Adaptation in Latin America. Managing Vulnerability, Fostering Resilience (pp. 399-412). Springer.

  • Serrao-Neumann, S., Turetta, A. P., & Low Choy, D. (2018). Improving regional landscapes management to support climate change adaptation. In W. Leal Filho, & L. Esteves Freitas (Eds.), Climate Change Adaptation in Latin America: Managing Vulnerability, Fostering Resilience (pp. 131-144). Springer.

  • Serrao-Neumann, S., Cox, M., & Low Choy, D. (2018). Bridging adaptive learning and desired natural resource management outcomes: Insights from Australian planners. Planning Practice & Research, 20 pages. doi:10.1080/02697459.2018.1549188

  • Serrao-Neumann, S., & Coudrain, A. (2018). Science and knowledge production for climate change adaptation: Challenges and opportunities. In S. Serrao-Neumann, A. Coudrain, & L. Coulter (Eds.), Communicating Climate Change Information for Decision-Making (pp. 3-11). Springer. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-74669-2_1

  • Vieira, L. C., Serrao-Neumann, S., Howes, M., & Mackey, B. (2018). Unpacking components of sustainable and resilient urban food systems. Journal of Cleaner Production, 200(1), 318-330. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.07.283

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