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  • Bowell, T., & Kingsbury, J. (2018). How can we get students to think critically about intransigent beliefs?. Teaching Philosophy, 40(4), 395-405. doi:10.5840/teachphil201812277

  • Bowell, T. (2018). [Keynote] Truth is our only weapon: critical thinking and post-truth. In 2nd International Symposium on Critical and Analytical Thinking (ISCAT). Conference held at Istanbul University Congress and Cultural Center, Istanbul.

  • Bowell, T. (2018). Changing the world one premise at a time: Argument, imagination and post-truth. In M. A. Peters, S. Rider, M. Hyvönen, & T. Besley (Eds.), Post-Truth, Fake News: Viral Modernity & Higher Education (pp. 169-185). Springer, Singapore.

  • Bowell, T., & Kingsbury, J. (2018). Virtue argumentation theory reconsidered: Towards a complete account of good argument. In S. Oswald, & D. Maillat (Eds.), Argumentation and Inference: Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation, Fribourg 2017. Volume II (pp. 107-114). London: College Publications.

  • Kingsbury, J., & Bowell, T. (2017). Virtue argumentation theory reconsidered: Towards a complete account of good argument. In 2nd European Conference on Argumentation-ECA 2017: Argumentation and inference. Conference held at Fribourg, Switzerland.

  • Bowell, T. A., & Mika, C. (2017). Our difficult conversation: On avoiding epistemic harm within a Maori<->feminist research partnership. In 2017 Feast Conference: Decolonizing and Indigenizing Feminist Philosophy. Conference held at Clearwater Beach, Florida, USA.

  • Bowell, T. (2017). Response to the editorial ‘Education in a post-truth world’. Educational Philosophy and Theory, -online, 1-4. doi:10.1080/00131857.2017.1288805

  • Bowell, T., & Mika, C. (2017). The seen and unseen of epistemic harm: Feminist and Māori in counter-colonial dialogue. Poster session presented at the meeting of The Royal Institute of Philosophy Annual Conference: Harms and Wrongs in Epistemic Practice, Conference held at University of Sheffield, United Kingdom.

  • Bowell, T. (2017). Wittgenstein on teaching and learning the rules: Taking him at his word. In M. A. Peters, & J. Stickney (Eds.), A Companion to Wittgenstein on Education: Pedagogical Investigations (pp. 643-658). Springer.

  • Kingsbury, J., & Bowell, T. (2016). Thinking critically about beliefs it's hard to think critically about. In The Ontario Society for the Study of Argumentation (OSSA11): Argumentation, Objectivity and Bias. Conference held at University of Windsor, Ontario.

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