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  • Kukutai, T., & Cormack, D. (2019). Mana motuhake ā-raraunga: datafication and social science research in Aotearoa. Kotuitui. doi:10.1080/1177083X.2019.1648304

  • Lovett, R., Lee, V., Kukutai, T., Cormack, D., Rainie, S. C., & Walker, J. (2019). Good data practices for indigenous data sovereignty and governance. In A. Daly, S. K. Devitt, & M. Mann (Eds.), Good Data (pp. 26-36). Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.

  • Cormack, D., Reid, P., & Kukutai, T. (2019). Indigenous data and health: critical approaches to ‘race’/ethnicity and Indigenous data governance. Public Health, 1-3. doi:10.1016/j.puhe.2019.03.026

  • Rainie, S. C., Kukutai, T., Walter, M., Figueroa-Rodríguez, O. L., Walker, J., & Axelsson, P. (2019). Indigenous data sovereignty. In T. Davies, S. B. Walker, M. Rubinstein, & F. Perini (Eds.), The State of Open Data: Histories and Horizons (pp. 300-319). Cape Town and Ottawa: African Minds and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). Retrieved from

  • Kukutai, T. (2018). [Keynote] Diversity or divergence? Opportunities and challenges in Aotearoa NZ. In New Zealand Educational Administration and Leadership Society (NZEALS) Conference: Reconceptualising Leadership. Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Kukutai, T. (2018). (Invited) Census and Māori: Implications for our future. In 2018 Tai Tokerau Speaker Series, Whangarei, New Zealand.

  • Kukutai, T. (2018). Whānau and whakapapa, wellbeing and trends. In Toi Tū Te Whānau, Toi Tū Te Kāwai Whakapapa: A Workshop on Whānau and Whakapapa for Public Policy. Conference held at Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Kukutai, T. (2018). (Invited) Self-determined wellbeing: Some insights from Aotearoa New Zealand. In Atlantic Fellows: For Social Equity, University of Melbourne, Australia.

  • Kukutai, T. (2018). (Invited presentation) Māori data sovereignty: Directions and challenges. In New Zealand Association of Scientists Conference (NZAS). Conference held at Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Rata, A., Ormond, A., Kukutai, T., Kidman, J., Huia, J., Sciascia, A., . . . Te Huia, A. (2018). Kia Whakapiri Mai: Bridging the ‘home and away’ divide between governance entities and their members. In 8th Biennial International Indigenous Research Conference (IIRC18). Conference held at Auckland, New Zealand.

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