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  • Antric, T., Toledano, M., & McKie, D. (2021). Learning from practice and politics: The rise and fall of social marketing in Aotearoa New Zealand (1984–2017). Social Marketing Quarterly, 27(1), 32-47. doi:10.1177/1524500421990183

  • Ihlen, Ø., Toledano, M., & Just, S. (2021). Using rhetorical situations to examine and improve vaccination communication. Frontiers in Communication, 6, 9 pages. doi:10.3389/fcomm.2021.697383

  • Imesha Dharmasena, M. K. G., Toledano, M., & Weaver, C. K. (2020). The role of public relations in building community resilience to natural disasters: perspectives from Sri Lanka and New Zealand. Journal of Communication Management, 24(4), 301-317. doi:10.1108/jcom-11-2019-0144

  • Toledano, M. (2020). Netnography in public relations. In Netnography Unlimited: Understanding Technology using Qualitative Social Media Research (pp. 116-130). Routledge.

  • Dharmasena, G., Weaver, C. K., & Toledano, M. (2020). Matters of life, death and adaptive survival: Embedding socio-cultural beliefs and value systems in communication campaigns to build community resilience against natural disasters. In ICA 2020 - 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference. Virtual.

  • Ihlen, O., Toledano, M., Just, S., & Palenchar, M. (2020). Vaccine hesitancy and institutional trust: Rhetorical conditions and content strategies for risk communication and public health. In ICA 2020 - 70th Annual International Communication Association Conference. Virtual.

  • Toledano, M., & McKie, D. (2020). Leading an ethical industry: Local and global professional public relations associations. In K. Sriramesh, & D. Vercic (Eds.), The Global Public Relations Handbook: Theory, Research and Practice (3rd ed., pp. 65-72). Routledge.

  • Avidar, R., & Toledano, M. (2019). Post-truth challenges: Social media and the case of vaccination hesitancy. In The 11th International Media Readings in Moscow. Moscow, Russia.

  • Toledano, M., & Avidar, R. (2019). Converging fields: Health promotion, social marketing, and PR approaches in strategies to increase immunizations rates. In Barcelona International Critical PR Conference 2019.

  • Toledano, M. (2019). Documenting the foundations of Hasbara: Martin Buber's 1899 platform. In 35th Annual Conference of the Association for Israel Studies. Kinneret Academic College, Israel.

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