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  • Wenhua, L., & Liao, Z. (2022). Finding equity without the law of equity: asset management, fiduciary duty and financial consumer protection in China. Asia Pacific Law Review, 30(2), 221-241. doi:10.1080/10192557.2022.2085407

  • Liao, Z. (2021). The Validity of Exemption Clauses in Contract Law: Cases, Rules, Legislation Intervention and Implications. SISU Law Review, 6, 85-102. Retrieved from

  • Liao, Z. (2021). Dispute resolution clause, mistaken interpretation and cancellation of contract: Jade Residential Limited v Paul. The New Zealand Law Journal : NZLJ, March 2021.

  • Liao, Z. (2020). Student Companion Bathurst Resources Ltd v L & M Coal Holdings Ltd. The New Zealand Law Journal : NZLJ, 8(September 2020), 294-295.

  • Liao, Z. (2020). Freedom of contract and effect of voluntary restriction on formality of contract. SISU Law Review, 5(2019), 77-93.

  • Liao, Z. (2018). Contract interpretation in Civil Law: Approach, development and trend. Sisu Law Review, 4, 27-37.

  • Liao, Z. (2017). Interpretation of Contracts: Development and Trend of Common Law Approach (合同解释之普通法——方法、演进及趋势). SISU Law Review 上外法律评论, 3, 39-50.

  • Liao, Z. (2016). Illegality in the Underlying Transaction: A Defence to Dishonouring Letters of Credit?. Waikato Law Review, 23, 34-55.

  • Liao, Z. (2016). Who are Protected by the Consumers’ Rights and Interests Protection Act? A Critique on the Current Statutory Definition of “Consumer” 《消费者权益保护法》保护谁——对现行“消费者”法律定义的批评性分析. SISU Law Review 上外法律评论, 2016 vol 2, 118-133.

  • Liao, Z. (2016). Police Conducts and The Death of A Citizen: on Citizens' Rights and Others (《雷洋、警察、公民权利及其他之杂谈》). Comments on Law (《说法》), 1(1), 33-37. Retrieved from

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