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  • Atkins, M. J., Morrison, A. S., Johnson, N., & Walmsley, M. R. W. (2008). Solar boosting of low grade waste heat in low temperature pinch applications. In Chemeca 2008 Conference Proceedings (pp. 551-560). Conference held at NSW, Australia: Engineers Australia.

  • Rickard, D., & De Lange, W. (2007). Community based tools for coastal monitoring. In New Zealand Coastal Society Conference - Pushing the Boundaries. Conference held at Tauranga, New Zealand.

  • Lynch-Blosse, B. R., & Briggs, R. M. (2001). Volcanic geology of the southern Mamaku Plateau.. In Geological Society of New Zealand Annual Conference, Geological Society of New Zealand Miscellaneous Publication 110A. Conference held at Hamilton.

  • Lynch-Blosse, B. R., Briggs, R. M., Lowe, D. J., & Smith, R. T. (1997). A revised ignimbrite stratigraphy for the southwestern Mamaku Plateau, North Island. In Programme and Abstracts. Geological Society of New Zealand Annual Conference.

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