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  • Bruce, I. (2021). EAP Development in the New Zealand Context: A Work in Progress (Featured Speaker Presentation). In CEAPA-BALEAP International Conference,. Conference held at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China (online).

  • Kaivanpanah, S., Alavi, S. M., Bruce, I., & Yahya Hejazi, S. (2021). Iranian EAP Practitioners’ Competences, Practices, and Professional Development. ESP Today, 9(2), 272-296. doi:10.18485/esptoday.2021.9.2.5

  • Kaivanpanah, S., Alavi, S. M., Bruce, I., & Hejazi, S. Y. (2021). EAP in the expanding circle: Exploring the knowledge base, practices, and challenges of Iranian EAP practitioners. Journal of English for Academic Purposes, 50, 100971. doi:10.1016/j.jeap.2021.100971

  • Bruce, I. J. (2021). Global and local EAP and expressing critical thinking through text: Theory and pedagogy. In CEAPA-BALEAP International Conference, 2021. Conference held at Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China (online).

  • Bruce, I. (2021). Towards an EAP without borders: Developing knowledge, practitioners, and communities. International Journal of English for Academic Purposes: Research and Practice, 2021(Spring), 23-36. doi:10.3828/ijeap.2021.3

  • Bruce, I. (2021). Expressing critical thinking through academic writing: Identifying and teaching salient textual resources. In BALEAP Conference 2021: Exploring Pedagogical Approaches in English for Academic Purposes. The University of Glasgow, The United Kingdom.

  • Bruce, I. (2020). Expressing Critical Thinking through Disciplinary Texts Insights from Five Genre Studies. Bloomsbury Publishing.

  • Bruce, I. (2020). Influencing education in New Zealand through business think tank advocacy: Creating discourses of deficit. Discourse and Communication, 15(1), 25-41. doi:10.1177/1750481320961635

  • Bruce, I. (2020). Afterword. In M. Whong, & J. Godfrey (Eds.), What is Good Academic Writing? Insights into Discipline-Specific Student Writing (pp. 178-190). London: Bloomsbury Publishing. Retrieved from

  • Bruce, I. (2020). EAP and Expressing Critical Thinking through Text: Theory and Pedagogy. In LCSC 2020: Integration, Internationalisation ad the Individual. University of Leeds. Retrieved from

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