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  • Wyatt, J., & Ulatowski, J. (2021). Testing taste talk: retraction and beyond. In Theoretical and Empirical Challenges to Retraction. Conference held via Zoom, hosted by the University of Warsaw.

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). Intentionality and Twardowski's Illusion Argument Against Relative Truth. In Australasian Association of Philosophy. Online.

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). Schema in Theories of Truth. Academia Letters. doi:10.20935/al149

  • Ulatowski, J., & Lumsden, D. (2021). Tribal narratives and individual narratives. In University of Waikato Anthropology Programme.

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). Future Intentions, Plans, and the Problem of Buridan's Ass. Academia Letters. doi:10.20935/al1686

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). [Commentator on] Jasmin Contos' Termination in B-Time. In International Association for the Philosophy of Death and Dying. Online.

  • Barnard, R., Ulatowski, J., & Weinberg, J. M. (2021). The Fourfold Route to Empirical Enlightenment: Experimental Philosophy’s Adolescence and the Changing Body of Work. Filozofia Nauki, 29(2), 77-113. doi:10.14394/filnau.2021.0012

  • Lumsden, D., & Ulatowski, J. (2021). Help! virtue profiles and horses for courses. Australasian Philosophical Review, 1-11. Retrieved from

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). Under the Macroscope. In Classifying Philosophy: Problems and Strategies. Buffalo, New York (USA).

  • Ulatowski, J. (2021). Charity and Intentionality in Twardowski's Critique of Relative Theories of Truth **keynote address**. In Perspectives on Intentionality and Consciousness. Hamiton, New Zealand.

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