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  • Rolls, M. (2021). Response to Questionnaire - Focus: Taiwan. FPRC Journal, 48, 30-37.

  • Rolls, M. (2020). New Zealand and the regional security architecture of the Asia-Pacific. Outre-Terre European Journal of Geopolitics, 58-59(1-2), 97-106.

  • Rolls, M. (2020). [Review of Duterte Harry: Fire and fury in the Philippines by Jonathan Miller]. New Zealand International Review, 45(2), 28-29.

  • Rolls, M. (2020). Interview - Response to Questionnaire [Focus Impact on World Geo-politics and Economy]. FPRC Journal, 43(3), 55-56.

  • Rolls, M. (2019). Like-Minded States: New Zealand-ASEAN relations in the changing Asia-Pacific strategic environment. In A. -M. Brady (Ed.), Small States and the Changing Global Order: New Zealand Faces the Future (pp. 165-177). Switzerland: Springer.

  • Rolls, M. G. (2017). New Zealand and ASEAN relations. Panorama Insights into Asian and European Affairs: ASEAN at 50, 1, 153-163.

  • Rolls, M. G. (2017). Strengthening ASEAN centrality in the regional security architecture in the face of major power competition. In 2017 SSANSE Conference: 'Small States and the Changing Global Order: NZ Faces the Future (pp. 4 pages). Conference held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand: University of Canterbury. Retrieved from

  • Chor Boonpunth, K., & Rolls, M. G. (2017). Peace Survey – Lessons learned from Northern Ireland to Southern Thailand. ASR: Chiang Mai University Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, 4(2), 133-153. doi:10.12982/cmujasr.2017.0008

  • Rolls, M. G. (2016). Why New Zealand needs an ‘Indian-New Zealander’ as the next High Commissioner now. In Indian Weekender. Retrieved from

  • Rolls, M. G. (2016). Opposites attract? India-New Zealand relations in the contemporary Indo-Pacific. Political Science, 68(1), 78-95. doi:10.1177/0032318716650554

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