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  • Whalley, I. H. (2017). Integrating interdisciplinary work in contemporary non-linear real-time digital arts practice: Communication, sequence, frameworks, and logistics. In Electroacoustic Music Studies Network (EMS) 2017: Communication in/through Electroacoustic Music. Conference held at Nagoya, Japan.

  • Whalley, I. (2016). New Zealand electroacoustic music: Ruptures and digital networks. In New Zealand Musicological Society Annual Conference: Contemporary and Future Paths in Music Performance, Composition and Analysis. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Whalley, I. (2016). Exploring internet environments in sound arts. In Proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Australasian Computer Music Association: Sonic Environments ACMC 2016 (pp. 106). Conference held at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia: The Australasian Computer Music Association.

  • Whalley, I. (2016). [Keynote] Broadening telematic electroacoustic music. In Australasian Computer Music Association (ACMC 2016): Sonic Environments. Conference held at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.

  • Whalley, I. (2015). Developing telematic electroacoustic music: Complex networks, machine intelligence and affective data stream sonification. Organised Sound (Special Issue 01: Organised Sound Celebrates 20 Years), 20(01), 90-98. doi:10.1017/S1355771814000478

  • Whalley, I. (2014). Recent telematic electroacoustic music: integrating external data streams. In eResearch NZ 2014. Conference held at University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Whalley, I. (2014). [Review of The Oxford Handbook of Computer Music by D. Roger (ed)]. Organised Sound: An International Journal of Music and Technology, 19(2), 203-207. doi:10.1017/S1355771814000144

  • Whalley, I. (2014). GNMISS: A scoring system for Internet2 electroacoustic music. Organised Sound, 19(03), 244-259. doi:10.1017/S1355771814000235

  • Whalley, I. H. (2014). DVD: SymbolAct (2012) – 10′08″. Organised Sound 19/3: Sound and movie examples [Telematic electroacoustic music]. 121212 6th Annual UpStage Festival of Cyberperformance. Christchurch, New Zealand; Wellington, New Zealand; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Oslo, Norway; Munich, Germany; Pancevo, Serbia;Montpellier, France; Eindhoven, Netherlands; Nantes, France; Holstebro, Denmark; Linz, Austria; Exeter, UK – recorded live 5–12 December 2012. Performers: Ian Whalley – wind synthesizer, iPads, foot controllers, synthesizer programming (Hamilton, New Zealand); Ivan Zavada – violin (Sydney, Australia): Cambridge University Press.

  • Wyse, L., & Whalley, I. (2014). Editorial. Organised Sound, 19(03), 213-214. doi:10.1017/S1355771814000193

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