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  • Mahuika, N., & Mahuika, R. (2020). Wānanga as a research methodology. AlterNative, 16(4), 369-377. doi:10.1177/1177180120968580

  • Kukutai, T., Mahuika, N., Kani, H., Ewe, D., & Kukutai, K. (2020). Survivance as narrative identity: Voices from a Ngāti Tiipa oral history project. MAI Journal, 9(3), 309-320. Retrieved from

  • Mahuika, N. (2019). A brief history of Whakapapa: Māori approaches to genealogy. Genealogy, 3(2), 32. doi:10.3390/genealogy3020032

  • Mahuika, N. (2019). Rethinking oral history and tradition: An Indigenous perspective. Oxford University Press, USA.

  • Mahuika, N. (2017). FORTHCOMING - “Kaupapa Māori History: A contemplation on the place of ‘Kaupapa’ in Māori history”. Te Pouhere Kōrero, Māori People, Māori History.

  • Mahuika, N. (2017). An outsiders guide to public oral history in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Public History, 5(1), 3-18.

  • Mahuika, N. (2017). The power of the past: Why study indigenous histories?. In K. Vaidya (Ed.), History for the Curious: Why Study History? (The Stuck Student's Guide to Picking the Best College and University Major). Curious Academic Publishing.

  • Mahuika, N. (2016). The presence of the past: Maori history in contemporary reflection. In MO’NA: Our Pasts Before Us: 22nd Pacific History Association Conference. Conference held at Guam, Mariana Islands.

  • Mahuika, N. (2016). [Keynote] The indigenous 'truth' of oral history: Decolonizing oral history in presence, practice, and politics. In Our Stories, Our Way: Indigenous Oral History Symposium. Conference held at State Library of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

  • Mahuika, N. (2016). Telling Us in the Days destined to you: A Response to Warren Cariou, Life-telling: Indigenous Oral Autobiography and the Performance of Relation. Biography: An Interdisciplinary Quarterly, 39(3), 328-333. doi:10.1353/bio.2016.0042

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