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  • Neilson, D. (2021). Reading Marx again. Educational Philosophy and Theory. doi:10.1080/00131857.2021.1906648

  • Neilson, D. (2021). Beyond Regressive Nationalism and the Neoliberal Model of Development. Review of Radical Political Economics, 53(1), 17-34. doi:10.1177/0486613420945408

  • Neilson, D. (2021). Reversing the catastrophe of neoliberal-led global capitalism in the time of coronavirus: Towards a democratic socialist alternative. Capital & Class, 030981682199711. doi:10.1177/0309816821997114

  • Neilson, D., & Peters, M. A. (2020). Capitalism’s slavery. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 52(5), 475-484. doi:10.1080/00131857.2019.1595323

  • Neilson, D. (2020). Epistemic violence in the time of coronavirus: From the legacy of the western limits of Spivak’s ‘can the subaltern speak’ to an alternative to the ‘neoliberal model of development’. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 1-6. doi:10.1080/00131857.2020.1750092

  • Neilson, D. (2020). The democratic socialisation of knowledge: Integral to an alternative to the neoliberal model of development. In Knowledge Socialism. East-West Dialogues in Educational Philosophy and Theory (pp. 135-154). Singapore: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-981-13-8126-3_8

  • Peters, M. A., Neilson, D., & Jackson, L. (2020). Post-marxism, humanism and (post)structuralism: Educational philosophy and theory. Educational Philosophy and Theory. doi:10.1080/00131857.2020.1824783

  • Neilson, D. (2020). Bringing in the ‘neoliberal model of development’. Capital & Class, 44(1), 85-108. doi:10.1177/0309816819852746

  • Peters, M. A., & Neilson, D. (2020). Theorising immaterial labor: Toward creativity, co(labor)ation and collective intelligence. Educational Philosophy and Theory. doi:10.1080/00131857.2020.1840349

  • Neilson, D. (2020). Beyond the subject–object binary: Towards cosmopolitan knowledge. Theory and Psychology, 30(3), 448-454. doi:10.1177/0959354320920943

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