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  • Cormack, D., & Kukutai, T. (2021). Pandemic paternalism: Reflections on Indigenous data from Aotearoa. In S. Milan, E. Trere, & S. Masiero (Eds.), COVID-19 from the margins: Pandemic invisibilities, policies and resistance in the datafied society (pp. 141-144). Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures. Retrieved from

  • Kukutai, T., McIntosh, T., Durie, M., Boulton, A., Foster, M., Hutchings, J., . . . Ruru, J. (2021). Te Pūtahitanga: A Tiriti-led science-policy approach for Aotearoa New Zealand: Te Pūtahitanga: A Tiriti-led science-policy approach for Aotearoa. Auckland: Ngā Pae o te Māramatanga. Retrieved from

  • Carroll, S. R., Akee, R., Chung, P., Cormack, D., Kukutai, T., Lovett, R., . . . Rowe, R. K. (2021). Indigenous Peoples' Data During COVID-19: From External to Internal. Frontiers in Sociology, 6. doi:10.3389/fsoc.2021.617895

  • Broman, P., & Kukutai, T. (2021). Fixed not fluid: European identification in the Aotearoa New Zealand census. Journal of Population Research. doi:10.1007/s12546-021-09262-4

  • Kukutai, T., & Cormack, D. (2020). Pushing the space: Data sovereignty and self-determination in Aotearoa NZ. In M. Walter, T. Kukutai, S. R. Carroll, & D. Rodriguez-Lonebear (Eds.), Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Policy (pp. 21-35).

  • Walter, M., Kukutai, T., Carroll, S. R., & Rodriguez-Lonebear, D. (2020). Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Policy. Routledge.

  • Kukutai, T., Mahuika, N., Kani, H., Ewe, D., & Kukutai, K. (2020). Survivance as narrative identity: Voices from a Ngāti Tiipa oral history project. MAI Journal, 9(3), 309-320. Retrieved from

  • Kukutai, T., Prickett, K., Atatoa Carr, P., & Rata, A. (2020). Family structure and change in early childhood and the wellbeing of tamariki Maori. New Zealand Population Review, 46, 70-99.

  • West, K., Hudson, M., & Kukutai, T. (2020). Data ethics and data governance from a Māori world view. In L. George, J. Tauri, & L. T. A. O. T. MacDonald (Eds.), Indigenous Research Ethics Claiming Research Sovereignty Beyond Deficit and the Colonial Legacy. Emerald Group Publishing.

  • Kukutai, T., McIntosh, T., Barnes, H. M., & McCreanor, T. (2020). Same inequities or engaged te tiriti partnership?. MAI Journal, 9(4), 1-16. doi:10.20507/MAIJournal.2020.9.4.3

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