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  • Duff, H., Vignoles, V. L., Becker, M., & Milfont, T. L. (2022). Self-construals and environmental values in 55 cultures. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 79, 101722. doi:10.1016/j.jenvp.2021.101722

  • Gouveia, V. V., Araújo, R. D. C. R., & Milfont, T. L. (2021). “They are close to us, but we are so different from them”: Prejudice toward immigrants and indigenous peoples in Brazil.. In Intraregional migration in Latin America: Psychological perspectives on acculturation and intergroup relations. (pp. 227-249). American Psychological Association. doi:10.1037/0000234-010

  • Milfont, T. L., Abrahamse, W., & MacDonald, E. A. (2021). Scepticism of anthropogenic climate change: Additional evidence for the role of system-justifying ideologies. Personality and Individual Differences, 168. doi:10.1016/j.paid.2020.110237

  • Milfont, T. L. (2021). The differential psychology of environmental protection/exploitation (La psicología diferencial de la protección/explotación medioambiental). Psyecology, 12(3), 398-427. doi:10.1080/21711976.2021.1954394

  • Vinnell, L. J., Milfont, T. L., & McClure, J. (2021). Why do people prepare for natural hazards? Developing and testing a Theory of Planned Behaviour approach. Current Research in Ecological and Social Psychology, 100011. doi:10.1016/j.cresp.2021.100011

  • Randler, C., Adan, A., Antofie, M. M., Arrona-Palacios, A., Candido, M., de Pauw, J. B., . . . Vollmer, C. (2021). Animal welfare attitudes: Effects of gender and diet in university samples from 22 countries. Animals, 11(7). doi:10.3390/ani11071893

  • Veloso Gouveia, V., Rodrigues Araújo, R. D. C., Vasconcelos de Oliveira, I. C., Pereira Gonçalves, M., Milfont, T., Lins de Holanda Coelho, G., . . . Gouveia, R. (2021). A short version of the big five inventory (Bfi-20): Evidence on construct validity. Interamerican Journal of Psychology, 55(1). doi:10.30849/ripijp.v55i1.1312

  • McBride, S. E., Hammond, M. D., Sibley, C. G., & Milfont, T. L. (2021). Longitudinal relations between climate change concern and psychological wellbeing. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 78. doi:10.1016/j.jenvp.2021.101713

  • Priestley, R. K., Heine, Z., & Milfont, T. L. (2021). Public understanding of climate change-related sea-level rise. PLOS ONE, 16(7), e0254348. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0254348

  • Hopwood, C. J., Schwaba, T., Milfont, T. L., Sibley, C. G., & Bleidorn, W. (2021). Personality change and sustainability attitudes and behaviors. European Journal of Personality, 089020702110162. doi:10.1177/08902070211016260

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