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Research Publications for Hazel R Needham

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Author's Publications

Publications ByNEEDHAM, Hazel R

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  • Needham, H. R., Pilditch, C. A., Lohrer, A. M., & Thrush, S. F. (2010). Habitat dependence in the functional traits of Austrohelice crassa, a key burrowing species. Marine Ecology Progress Series, online, 1-43.

  • Needham, H., Pilditch, C., Lohrer, A. M., & Thrush, S. F. (2009). Habitat dependence in the functional traits of a key burrowing species. In Biological Sciences PhD Student Conference Day. Conference held at University of Waikato. Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Needham, H., Pilditch, C., Lohrer, D., & Thrush, S. (2009). Variation in the functional role of Helice crassa in differing sediment environments. In The Joint New Zealand Marine Sciences and Meteorological Societies conference “Climate and Oceans”. Conference held at Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Widdicombe, S., Dashfield, S. L., McNeill, C. L., Needham, H. R., Beesley, A., McEvoy, A., . . . Berge, J. A. (2009). Effects of CO2 induced seawater acidification on infaunal diversity and sediment nutrient fluxes. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 379, 59-75. doi:10.3354/meps07894

  • Needham, H., Pilditch, C., Lohrer, D., & Thrush, S. (2009). Estuarine Ecology: Unlocking the secrets of the mud crab. Water & Atmosphere, 17(1), 18-19.

  • Needham, H., Pilditch, C., & Lohrer, A. (2008). Exploring the relationships between the burrowing mud crab Helice crassa and the microphytobenthos in intertidal habitats. In NZMSS & AMSA Marine Sciences Conference. Human Impacts: Functioning Ecosystems. Conference held at Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Widdicombe, S., & Needham, H. R. (2007). Impact of CO2-induced seawater acidification on the burrowing activity of Nereis virens and sediment nutrient flux. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 341, 111-122. doi:10.3354/meps341111

  • Needham, H., Pilditch, C. A., Lohrer, A. M., & Thrush, S. F. (2007). The role of burrowing crabs as 'Ecosystem Engineers' for the maintenance of coastal processes. Poster session presented at the meeting of The New Zealand Marine Sciences Society Conference. Sea Change - Impacts of Climate Change on Marine Systems. Conference held at Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Clarke, K. R., Chapman, M. G., Somerfield, P. J., & Needham, H. R. (2006). Dispersion-based weighting of species counts in assemblage analyses. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 320, 11-27. doi:10.3354/meps320011

  • Widdicombe, S., Austen, M. C., Kendall, M. A., Olsgard, F., Schaanning, M. T., Dashfield, S. L., & Needham, H. R. (2004). Importance of bioturbators for biodiversity maintenance: indirect effects of fishing disturbance. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 275, 1-10. doi:10.3354/meps275001

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