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Research Publications for Fiona J Petchey

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Author's Publications

Publications ByPETCHEY, Fiona J

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  • Lam, T. M. D., Nguyen, T. T., Tran, T. K. Q., Bellwood, P., Higham, C., Petchey, F., . . . Piper, P. J. (2020). Ru Diep and the Quynh Van culture of central Vietnam. Archaeological Research in Asia. doi:10.1016/j.ara.2020.100190

  • Manne, T., David, B., Petchey, F., Leavesley, M., Roberts, G., Szabó, K., . . . Richards, T. (2020). How long have dogs been in Melanesia? New evidence from Caution Bay, south coast of Papua New Guinea. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 30. doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2020.102255

  • O'Regan, G., Petchey, F., Wood, R., McAlister, A., Bradshaw, F., & Holdaway, S. (2019). Dating South Island Māori rock art: Pigment and pitfalls. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 24, 132-141. doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2018.12.009

  • Potts, D. T., Radner, K., Squitieri, A., Ameen, A., Rohde, J., Yawar, P., . . . Potts, H. B. (2019). Gird-i Rostam 2018: preliminary report on the first season of excavations by the joint Kurdish-German-American team. JEOL, 47, 91-127.

  • David, B., Delannoy, J. -J., Mialanes, J., Clarkson, C., Petchey, F., Geneste, J. -M., . . . Castets, G. (2019). 45,610–52,160 years of site and landscape occupation at Nawarla Gabarnmang, Arnhem Land plateau (northern Australia). Quaternary Science Reviews, 215, 64-85. doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2019.04.027

  • Petchey, F. (2019). Dating the movement of people across the Pacific. In 9th International Lapita Conference: Lapita, forerunners and successors in Near Oceania and beyond. Conference held at Holiday Inn, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.

  • Petchey, F. (2019). New evidence for a Mid- to Late-Holocene change in the marine reservoir effect across the South Pacific Gyre. Radiocarbon, 1-13. doi:10.1017/rdc.2019.103

  • Hogg, A. G., Wilson, C. J. N., Lowe, D. J., Turney, C. S. M., White, P., Lorrey, A. M., . . . Petchey, F. (2019). Wiggle-match radiocarbon dating of the Taupo eruption. Nature Communications, 10. doi:10.1038/s41467-019-12532-8

  • Petchey, F. (2019). Changing conditions – the impact on chronological models of human colonisation of the South Pacific. In 20th Congress of the International Union for Quaternary Research (INQUA. Conference held in Dublin, Ireland. Retrieved from

  • Campbell, M., Hudson, B., Craig, J., Cruickshank, A., Furey, L., Greig, K., . . . Wallace, R. (2019). The Long Bay Restaurant site (R10/1374), Auckland, New Zealand, and the archaeology of the mid-15th century in the upper North Island. Journal of Pacific Archaeology, 10(2), 19-42. Retrieved from

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