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Research Publications for William (Bill) Henderson

Research is a vital function of the Waikato's School of Science and Engineering. There are many active research groups within the School, spanning a wide range of topics.

Author's Publications

Publications ByHENDERSON, William (Bill)

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  • Okpareke, O. C., Henderson, W., & Lane, J. (2019). Isomerism in platinum complexes containing pyridyl-substituted thiourea dianion and monoanion ligands; synthesis, structure and theoretical investigations. In New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Conference (NZIC2019). Conference held at Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Raymond, O., Brothers, P. J., Buchner, M. R., Lane, J. R., Müller, M., Spang, N., . . . Plieger, P. G. (2019). Electrospray ionization mass spectrometric study of the gas-phase coordination chemistry of Be2+ ions with 1,2- and 1,3-diketone ligands. Inorganic Chemistry, 11 pages. doi:10.1021/acs.inorgchem.9b00578

  • Henderson, W., Thomas, J. C., Okpareke, O. C., & Tiekink, E. R. T. (2019). Synthesis, structural and mass spectrometric investigations of pyridinium bis(thiosalicylato)mercurate(II). Inorganica Chimica Acta, 490, 104-111. doi:10.1016/j.ica.2019.03.002

  • Soleimani Zohr Shiri, M., Henderson, W., & Mucalo, M. (2019). A review of the lesser-studied microemulsion-based synthesis methodologies used for preparing nanoparticle systems of the noble metals, Os, Re, Ir and Rh. Materials, 12(12). doi:10.3390/ma12121896

  • Henderson, W., Okpareke, O. C., Azizan, A. H. S., & Tiekink, E. R. T. (2019). [Dicyclohexyl(sulfanylidene)-λ5-phosphanyl]methanol. Molbank, 2019(3), M1069. doi:10.3390/m1069

  • Mucalo, M., Cumming, M., Hofmann, K., Mackintosh, L., Henderson, W., Siddiqui, H., . . . Beqain, M. (2019). Inorganic materials research at Waikato involving hydroxyapatite, a material with a diverse range of applications. In New Zealand Institute of Chemistry Conference (NZIC2019). Conference held at Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Fortney-Zirker, R. G., Henderson, W., Lane, J. R., & Tiekink, E. R. T. (2018). Reactivity of the metalloligand [Pt2(µ-S)2(PPh3)4] toward tellurium(II) thiourea complexes: synthesis and structural characterization of the ditellurium(I) derivative [{Pt2(µ-S)2(PPh3)4}2Te2]2+. Journal of Coordination Chemistry. doi:10.1080/00958972.2018.1531285

  • Henderson, W., Nair, A. G., Halcovich, N. R., & Tiekink, E. R. T. (2018). Dichlorido(η<sup>6</sup>-p-cymene)[tris(2-cyanoethyl)phosphine]ruthenium(II). MolBank, 2018(4). doi:10.3390/M1025

  • Raymond, O., Henderson, W., Brothers, P. J., & Plieger, P. G. (2018). Electrospray Ionisation Mass Spectrometric (ESI MS) screening and characterisation of beryllium complexes with potentially encapsulating aminopolycarboxylate and related ligands. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, (9), 1120-1130. doi:10.1002/ejic.201701435

  • Raymond, O., Henderson, W., Brothers, P. J., & Plieger, P. G. (2017). Electrospray-ionisation mass-spectrometric (ESI-MS) investigation of beryllium hydrolysis in acidic solutions of beryllium sulfate. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry, 2017(20), 2691-2699. doi:10.1002/ejic.201700155

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