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Research Publications for Rachael C Tighe

Research is a vital function of the Waikato's School of Science and Engineering. There are many active research groups within the School, spanning a wide range of topics.

Author's Publications

Publications ByTIGHE, Rachael C

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  • Olafsson, G., Tighe, R., Boyd, G., Trumper, R., & Dulieu-Barton, J. (2020). Assessing composite joints on ships. IOM3. Retrieved from

  • Tighe, R. (2018). Thermographic inspection {Report from the Workshop on NDT Requirements for Marine Composites]. UK: British Institute of Non Destructive Testing. doi:10.1784/book.2018.002

  • Seabright, M., Streeter, L., Cree, M., Duke, M., & Tighe, R. (2018). Simple stereo matching algorithm for localising keypoints in a restricted search space. In 2018 International Conference on Image and Vision Computing New Zealand (IVCNZ) (pp. 6 pages). Conference held Auckland, New Zealand: IEEE. doi:10.1109/IVCNZ.2018.8634791

  • Olafsson, G., Tighe, R. C., & Dulieu-Barton, J. M. (2018). Improving the probing depth of thermographic inspections of polymer composite materials. Measurement Science and Technology. doi:10.1088/1361-6501/aaed15

  • Crump, D. A., Sathon, N., Ahmed, S. I., Allen, T. M., Tighe, R. C., Reed, P. A., & Dulieu-Barton, J. M. (2017). Development of a technique for evaluating damage in composite overwrapped pressure vessel using TSA. In 21st International Conference on Composite Materials. Conference held Xi'an, China.

  • Tighe, R. C., Dulieu-Barton, J. M., & Quinn, S. (2017). Infrared techniques for practical defect identification in bonded joints in liquefied natural gas vessels. Experimental Techniques, 42(2), 121-128. doi:10.1007/s40799-017-0200-7

  • Olafsson, G., Pujol-Soliano Dualde, A., Tighe, R. C., & Dulieu-Barton, J. M. (2017). The influence of sandwich structure core materials on thermographic NDT techniques. In 21st International Conference on Composite Materials. Conference held Xi'an, China.

  • Tighe, R. C., & Dulieu-Barton, J. (2016). Full field non-destructive evaluation of composite structures using vibration based loading. In 17th European Conference on Composite Materials. Munich, Germany.

  • Tighe, R. C., Howell, G. P., Dulieu-Barton, J. M., Tyler, J. P., & Lormor, S. (2016). Stress based non-destructive evaluation using thermographic approaches: From laboratory trials to on-site assessment. NDT & E International, 84, 76-88. doi:10.1016/j.ndteint.2016.08.005

  • Tighe, R. C., Dulieu-Barton, J. M., & Quinn, S. (2016). Identification of kissing defects in adhesive bonds using infrared thermography. International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 64, 168-178. doi:10.1016/j.ijadhadh.2015.10.018

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