Research Units and Institutes

The School of Psychology is proud to host specialist research units and groups.

The Māori and Psychology Research Unit (MPRU) has an international reputation for facilitating research that holds Māori as central to the issue under investigation. With the involvement of students, research projects include the study of Tangihanga, media representations of Māori, homelessness, mental health and recovery, domestic violence, the recruitment and retention of Māori in tertiary institutions, Māori cultural change, Moko - Māori skin art, Maori men’s relational health, Pacific health and Māori migration.

Transport affects many aspects of everyday life. In the multi-disciplinary Transport Research Group at the University of Waikato, we are interested in how transport fosters a strong and sustainable economy, how transport can be maintained in a way that supports healthy environments and how drivers might respond to changes in vehicle technology. We focus on how research findings might inform decision-making in government and industry.

The School of Psychology also has strong links with the cross-disciplinary Te Puna Haumaru - New Zealand Institute for Security and Crime Science.

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