Social Policy

Be a force for change. Study Social Policy at Waikato and develop a critical understanding of how policy impacts on every person - regardless of age, culture and gender – then learn how to influence it.

Study Social Policy

Studying Social Policy involves examining issues that affect people and society. This means analysing the policies and practices of politicians, public servants, governments and non-governmental agencies, and how they impact on communities and wider society. Social policy impacts on every aspect of life including health, education, families, employment, welfare and housing, plus the systems and institutions that are part of society.

Your Social Policy studies at Waikato will cover why and how societies respond to problems such as poverty and unemployment. You'll learn about popular social policy debates and gain an in-depth understanding of why social problems arise. You'll investigate and evaluate different ways of responding to those problems. Given the applied nature of Social Policy studies at Waikato you'll also be introduced to and develop the professional and practical skills needed to work within a range of policy fields. And to learn more about these different fields, you'll meet and learn from policy influencers working in the community and the public service.


Career opportunities

At the end of your studies, you'll be equipped to seek employment opportunities within government agencies, non-government organisations, tertiary education institutions, voluntary and community agencies, and groups advocating for social equity and change. Here are some of the roles that previous students have taken up:

  • Advocate
  • Case Manager
  • Community Worker
  • Health Service Manager
  • Journalist
  • NGOs
  • Policy Analyst
  • Project Management
  • Researcher
  • Social Marketing
  • Teacher
  • Youth Development Worker

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