Dr Mat Allan
Agriculture; Climate; Coastal Sciences; Data; Environment; Machine Learning; Oceanography; Optics

Professor Bruce Curtis
Agriculture; Agriculture and Biosystems; Animal Behaviour; Corporate Social Responsibility; Culture; Cyber Security; Data; Data mining; Digital Libraries; E-commerce; Education Policy; E-Education; Globalisation; Leadership; Learning; Machine Learning; Morals and Ethics; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Screen and Media; Social Movements; Social Networks; Social Policy; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Sociology; Sociology and Education; Supply Chain Management; Teaching; Tertiary Education; Web

Dr Zack Dorner
Agriculture; Economics; Environment

Professor Selin Guney
Agriculture; Economics; Management

Associate Professor Dan Marsh
Agriculture; Economics; Environment; Environment Issues; Environmental Policy and Politics

Maria Neal
Accounting; Agriculture; Consumer Behaviour; Corporate Governance; Economics; Environment; Environmental Resources and Planning; Finance; International Trade; Labour Market; Management; Management Accounting; Management and Education; Poverty; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Tertiary Education; Youth

Dr Björn Oback
Agriculture; Biology; Biotechnology; German; Molecular Biology

Mr Nick Pickering
Agriculture; E-commerce; Electronics; Engineering; Human Computer Interaction; Knowledge Management; Leadership; Learning in Science and Technology; Product Design; Remote Sensing; Software Engineering; Technology; Technology Education; Web; Work Experience-Based Learning

Professor Frank Scrimgeour
Agriculture; Climate; Economics; Energy; Environment; Environmental Resources and Planning; Finance

Dr Ou Wang
Agriculture; Consumer Behaviour; E-commerce; Economics; Marine; Market Research; Marketing