Dr Christopher Glasson
Biotechnology; Chemistry

Dr Joanna Hicks
Bacteria; Biochemistry; Biology; Biotechnology

Dr Sari Karppinen
Biology; Biotechnology; Genetics; Imaging; Molecular Biology; Science

Dr Mark Lay
Biotechnology; Engineering; Environment; Environmental Science and Technology; Experiential Learning; Materials and Processing; Mechanical; Sustainability; Waste

Dr Charles Lee
Antarctica; Biochemistry; Biology; Biotechnology; Ecology; Environmental Biochemistry; Environmental Science and Technology; Microbiology; Molecular Biology

Dr Marie Magnusson
Biotechnology; Environmental Science and Technology; Science

Dr Björn Oback
Agriculture; Biology; Biotechnology; German; Molecular Biology

Dr Linda Peters
Biochemistry; Biology; Biotechnology; Genetics; Health; Molecular Biology

Technical Officer Peter Randrup
Agriculture and Biosystems; Biology; Biotechnology; Environment; Marine; Science

Dr John Tyrrell
Biology; Biotechnology; Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environment; Environment Issues; Environmental Change; Environmental Science and Technology; Marine; Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Oceanography; Remote Sensing; Science

Dr Adele Williamson
Bacteria; Biochemistry; Biotechnology