Coastal Sciences

Dr Mat Allan
Agriculture; Climate; Coastal Sciences; Data; Environment; Machine Learning; Oceanography; Optics

Dr Ari Brandenburg
Chemistry; Coastal Sciences; Environmental Science and Technology; Science

David Culliford
Biology; Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environmental Science and Technology; Marine

Dr Shari Gallop
Climate; Coastal Sciences; Coastal Zone Management; Marine; Oceanography; Science

Adjunct Professor Chad Hewitt
Coastal Sciences; Coastal Zone Management; Ecology; Environmental Impacts; Environmental Policy and Politics; Environmental Risks; Marine

Dr Hazel Needham
Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environmental Impacts; Marine

Dr John Tyrrell
Biology; Biotechnology; Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environment; Environment Issues; Environmental Change; Environmental Science and Technology; Marine; Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Oceanography; Remote Sensing; Science