Computers and Education

Dr Lars Brabyn
Cartography; Computers and Education; Environmental Change; Geography

Associate Professor Nigel Calder
Computers and Education; Doctoral Education; Education Research; E-Learning; Learning and Education; Mathematics Education; Professional Learning; Teaching and Learning

Paul Cowan
Computers and Education; Teaching Online; Technology; Technology Education

Professor Ilanko Ilanko
Computers and Education; Engineering; Mechanical; Teaching and Learning

Mr Nilesh Kanji
Computer Graphic Design; Computers and Education; Computing; Databases; Distance Learning; E-Education; E-Learning; Human Computer Interaction; Software Engineering; Teaching Online; Technology

Dr Elaine Khoo
Computers and Education; Early Childhood/Early Years Education; Education Research; E-Learning; Learning Environment; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching and Learning; Tertiary Education

🌴 Regi Medina
Computers and Education; Computing; Technology

Ms Tracey Morgan
Computers and Education; E-Learning; Teaching and Learning

Mr Nigel Robertson
Computers and Education; Distance Learning; E-Education; E-Learning; Learning and Education; Learning Environment; Lifelong Learning; Pedagogy; Professional Learning; Teaching and Learning; Teaching Online