Consumer Behaviour

Ashlie Brink
Child Behaviour; Children; Consumer Behaviour; Disabilities; Human Development and Education; Inclusive Education; Social Movements; Special Education; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teaching; Teaching Online

Mark Buschgens
Advertising; Computer Graphic Design; Consumer Behaviour; Culture; Globalisation; Marketing; Migration; Teaching

Dr Roy Larke
Consumer Behaviour; East Asian Studies; E-commerce; Japanese; Management; Marketing

Maria Neal
Accounting; Agriculture; Consumer Behaviour; Corporate Governance; Economics; Environment; Environmental Resources and Planning; Finance; International Trade; Labour Market; Management; Management Accounting; Management and Education; Poverty; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Tertiary Education; Youth

Korey Rubenstein
Consumer Behaviour; Economics; International Trade; Management; Market Research; Marketing; Strategic Management

Associate Professor Trina Sego
Advertising; Consumer Behaviour; Marketing

Dr Ou Wang
Agriculture; Consumer Behaviour; E-commerce; Economics; Marine; Market Research; Marketing

Dr Yingsha Zhang
Consumer Behaviour; Data mining; Human Geography; Machine Learning; Management; Marketing; Statistics; Tourism; Tourism and Accommodation; Tourism Development; Tourism Impacts