Dr Apo Aporosa
Culture; Education; Education Research; Health; History and Medicine; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Maori Education; Maori Health; Maori Identity; Pacific Island Politics; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Psychology; Road Safety; Social Science Research; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teacher Professional Learning/Development

Associate Professor Karen Barbour
Composition; Culture; Dance; Education; Film; Pedagogy; Performance; Philosophy; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Movements; Sustainability; Teaching; Theatre; Women and Gender Studies

Dr, Professor Mere Berryman
Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Culture; Education; Education Policy; Education Research; Inclusive Education; Indigenous Education; Leadership; Learning and Education; Maori Development and Education; Reform in Education; Te Kotahitanga; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching and Learning

Dr Mark Buschgens
Advertising; Computer Graphic Design; Consumer Behaviour; Culture; Globalisation; Marketing; Migration; Teaching

Dr Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten
Adult Education; Ageing; Classroom Management; Communication; Culture; Disabilities; Education Research; Inclusive Education; Inclusive Learning; Management; Pedagogy; Poverty; Social Movements; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies

Professor Bruce Curtis
Agriculture; Agriculture and Biosystems; Animal Behaviour; Corporate Social Responsibility; Culture; Cyber Security; Data; Data mining; Digital Libraries; E-commerce; Education Policy; E-Education; Globalisation; Leadership; Learning; Machine Learning; Morals and Ethics; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Screen and Media; Social Movements; Social Networks; Social Policy; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Sociology; Sociology and Education; Supply Chain Management; Teaching; Tertiary Education; Web

Dr Isabelle Delmotte
Arts and Language Education; Communication; Cultural Learning; Culture; Disabilities; Ecology; Environmental Ethics; Film; Health; History and Medicine; Human Computer Interaction; Imaging; Screen and Media; Work Experience-Based Learning

Dr Fabrice Desmarais
Advertising; Advertising and Sport; Communication; Culture; Management; Sports Marketing

Dr Phoebe Guo
Communication; Culture; Human Resource Management; Leadership; Management; Public Relations

Dr Peter Huang
Corporate Governance; Culture; Economics; Finance; International Finance; Technology

Dr Bronwyn Isaacs
Anthropology; Culture; Film; Politics; Screen and Media

Associate Professor Taciano L. Milfont
Culture; Environment Issues; Environmental Risks; Psychology

Mr Leni Lolohea
Culture; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Indigenous Tourism; Pacific Island Politics; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Politics

Dr Laura Lopez-Fernandez
Culture; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Latin American Literature; Spanish

Dr Fraser Macdonald
Anthropology; Culture; Pacific Issues; Religion

Dr Bridgette Masters-Awatere
Culture; Health; Maori; Maori Development and Education; Psychology

Prof. Dr Rangi Matamua
Culture; Maori; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori History; Maori Language; Maori Research; Te Reo (Maori Language)

Dr Katrina McChesney
Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Culture; Education; Education Research; Learning and Education; Literacy Learning; Mathematics; Mathematics Education; Numeracy Learning; Pedagogy; Professional Learning; Reform in Education; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching; Teaching and Learning

Professor Debashish Munshi
Communication; Corporate Social Responsibility; Culture; Environmental Impacts; Globalisation; Leadership; Public Relations; Social Movements; Sustainability

Dr Declan Patrick
Culture; Dance; Drama; Performance; Theatre

Dr Lisa Perrott
Communication; Culture; Gender; Music; Screen and Media

Professor Holly Thorpe
Advertising and Sport; Children's and Youth Sport; Culture; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Globalisation; Health; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sports; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Jordan Te Aramoana Waiti
Culture; Environment; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Health; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Peoples Sport; Maori Development; Maori Health; Maori Research