Dr Mat Allan
Agriculture; Climate; Coastal Sciences; Data; Environment; Machine Learning; Oceanography; Optics

Dr Judy Bowen
Computing; Data; Formal Methods; Human Computer Interaction; Software Engineering

Mr Michael Collins
Data; Databases; Software Engineering; Web

Professor Bruce Curtis
Agriculture; Culture; Data; Data mining; Globalisation; Leadership; Learning; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Social Policy; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sociology and Education; Tertiary Education

Dr Isabelle Delmotte
Arts and Language Education; Communication; Cultural Learning; Culture; Data; Data mining; Digital Libraries; Disabilities; Ecology; Environmental Ethics; Film; Health; History and Medicine; Human Computer Interaction; Imaging; Screen and Media; Work Experience-Based Learning

Dr Ye Chow Kuang
Computing; Data; Engineering; Machine Learning; Statistics

Dr Michael Mayo
Data; Data mining; Health; Imaging; Machine Learning

Dr Oleg Medvedev
Anxiety; Bilingualism; Children; Data; Depression; Health; Human Behaviour; Psychology; Restorative Practices; Science; Statistics

Justin Phillips
American Politics; Communication; Data; Data mining; Gender; Politics

Professor Vincent Reid
Biology; Child Behaviour; Children; Data; Human Behaviour; Human Development; Imaging; Medical Physics; Psychology; Science