Data mining

Mr Hisham Abdel Qader
Computers and Education; Computing; Data mining; Electronics; Engineering; Machine Learning

Professor Albert Bifet
Data mining; Machine Learning

Professor Bruce Curtis
Agriculture; Culture; Data; Data mining; Globalisation; Leadership; Learning; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Social Policy; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sociology and Education; Tertiary Education

Dr Robert Durrant
Data mining; Machine Learning; Mathematics; Statistics

Professor Eibe Frank
Data mining; Machine Learning

Dr Gohar Khan
Data mining; Social Networks; Social Science Research; Technology

Dr Michael Mayo
Data; Data mining; Health; Imaging; Machine Learning

Dr Jacob Montiel
Data mining; Machine Learning

Professor Bernhard Pfahringer
Computing; Data mining; Machine Learning

Justin Phillips
American Politics; Communication; Data; Data mining; Gender; Politics

Dr Yingsha Zhang
Consumer Behaviour; Data mining; Human Geography; Machine Learning; Management; Marketing; Statistics; Tourism; Tourism and Accommodation; Tourism Development; Tourism Impacts