Dr Andrew Barnes
Biology; Ecology; Environmental Change

Professor Chris Battershill
Antarctica; Biology; Ecology; Marine; Science

Professor Marnie Campbell
Biology; Coastal Zone Management; Ecology; Environment; Environment Issues; Environmental Change; Environmental Impacts; Environmental Resources and Planning; Environmental Risks; Environmental Science and Technology; Human Behaviour; Marine; Science; Waste; Wetlands Environment

Professor Bruce Clarkson
Biology; Ecology; Environment

David Culliford
Biology; Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environmental Science and Technology; Marine

Dr Isabelle Delmotte
Arts and Language Education; Communication; Cultural Learning; Culture; Disabilities; Ecology; Environmental Ethics; Film; Health; History and Medicine; Human Computer Interaction; Imaging; Screen and Media; Work Experience-Based Learning

Dr Ian Duggan

Adjunct Professor Chad Hewitt
Coastal Sciences; Coastal Zone Management; Ecology; Environmental Impacts; Environmental Policy and Politics; Environmental Risks; Marine

Mrs Catherine Kirby

Dr Rebecca Lawton
Ecology; Environment; Environmental Science and Technology

Dr Charles Lee
Antarctica; Biochemistry; Biology; Biotechnology; Ecology; Environmental Biochemistry; Environmental Science and Technology; Microbiology; Molecular Biology

Dr Hazel Needham
Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environmental Impacts; Marine

Dr Chrissie Painting
Animal Behaviour; Biology; Ecology

Dr Grant Tempero
Animal Behaviour; Biology; Ecology; Environmental Impacts

Dr John Tyrrell
Biology; Biotechnology; Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environment; Environment Issues; Environmental Change; Environmental Science and Technology; Marine; Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Oceanography; Remote Sensing; Science

Dr Kiri Wallace
Biology; Ecology; Environment