Dr Kyle Barrett
Film; Gender; Screen and Media

Associate Professor Tracy Bowell
Gender; Metaphysics; Morals and Ethics; Pedagogy; Philosophy; Teaching and Learning

Marg Cosgriff
Children; Children's and Youth Sport; Education; Education Research; Environmental Education; Gender; Health; Outdoor Education and Leisure Studies; Pedagogy; Physical Education; Race and Gender in Sport; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Sustainability; Teacher Education; Teaching and Learning; Women and Gender Studies; Work Experience-Based Learning; Youth

Dr Hamish Crocket
Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Health; Learning and Education; Pedagogy; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Sociology; Sports

Dr Cate Curtis
Crime; Gender; Psychology; Social Science Research; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Persephone de Magdalene
Experiential Learning; Gender; Learning and Education; Women and Gender Studies

Dr Suzette Dyer
Education Research; Gender; Learning and Education; Management; Management and Education

Dr David Fa'avae
Doctoral Education; Education Research; Gender; Sociology and Education; Teacher Education

Paul Flanagan
Child Behaviour; Children; Counselling; Gender; Human Development

Dr Charlotte Greenhalgh
Ageing; Gender; History; New Zealand History; Youth

Professor Lynda Johnston
Gender; Geography; Human Geography; Human Rights; Indigenous Tourism; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Teaching and Learning; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies

Dr Janette Kelly-Ware
Early Childhood/Early Years Education; Environment Issues; Gender; Inclusive Education

Professor Robyn Longhurst
Education; Gender; Geography; Human Geography; Pedagogy; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Teaching and Learning

Dr Lisa Perrott
Communication; Culture; Gender; Music; Screen and Media

Dr. Justin Phillips
American Politics; Communication; Data; Data mining; Gender; Politics

Dr Neville Robertson
Crime; Gender; Psychology; Treaty of Waitangi; Violence; Women and Gender Studies

Professor Katrina Roen
Gender; Health; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Jessica Cira Rubin
Adult Education; American Politics; Curriculum; Doctoral Education; Early Childhood/Early Years Education; Education; Education Research; English; English Education; Environmental Education; Gender; History of Education; Human Behaviour; Language Learning; Languages and Literacy Education; Learning and Education; Learning Environment; Lifelong Learning; Literacy Learning; Morals and Ethics; Professional Studies in Education; Restorative Practices; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Social Science Research; Teacher Education; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching; Teaching and Learning; Teaching Ethics and Professionalism; Teaching Online; Violence; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Johanna Schmidt
Gender; Social Policy; Sociology; Women and Gender Studies

Dr Stacy Sims
Elite Athletes; Exercise; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Health; Performance; Physical Education; Race and Gender in Sport; Sport Science; Women and Gender Studies

Professor Nicola Starkey
Anxiety; Child Behaviour; Depression; Gender; Health; Human Behaviour; Psychology; Road Safety; Transport

Professor Holly Thorpe
Advertising and Sport; Children's and Youth Sport; Culture; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Globalisation; Health; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sports; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Jaimie Veale
Gender; Health; Human Rights; Psychology

Dr Belinda Wheaton
Children's and Youth Sport; Environmental Policy and Politics; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Social Issues in Sport; Social Movements; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sport Education; Sport Governance; Sport Science; Sports; Women and Gender Studies; Youth