Dr Apo Aporosa
Culture; Education; Education Policy; Education Research; Health; History and Medicine; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Maori Education; Pacific Island Politics; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Psychology; Road Safety; Social Science Research; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teacher Professional Learning/Development

Dr Polly Atatoa Carr
Children; Health; Population Studies

Dr Marlini Bakri
Communication; Consumer Behaviour; Health; Market Research; Marketing; Social Networks; Technology; Tourism

Dr Tania Blackmore
Animal Behaviour; Health; Psychology

Associate Professor Michael Cameron
Economic Development; Economics; Health; Population Studies; Teaching and Learning

Dr Shemana Cassim
Culture; Health; Migration; Psychology; Social Science Research

Associate Professor Lynne Chepulis
Biochemistry; Biology; Depression; Health; Population Studies; Science; Science Education

Dr. Gloria Clarke
Adult Education; Children's and Youth Sport; Crime; Doctoral Education; Education; Gifted and Talented Education; Health; Indigenous Peoples Sport; Maori; Maori Development; Maori Development and Education; Maori Education; Maori Health; Maori Identity; Maori Research; New Zealand History; Social Issues in Sport; Sociology; Sports; Treaty of Waitangi; Work Experience-Based Learning; Youth

Marg Cosgriff
Children; Children's and Youth Sport; Education; Education Research; Environmental Education; Gender; Health; Outdoor Education and Leisure Studies; Pedagogy; Physical Education; Race and Gender in Sport; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Sustainability; Teacher Education; Teaching and Learning; Women and Gender Studies; Work Experience-Based Learning; Youth

Dr Hamish Crocket
Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Health; Learning and Education; Pedagogy; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Sociology; Sports

Dr Isabelle Delmotte
Arts and Language Education; Communication; Cultural Learning; Culture; Disabilities; Ecology; Environmental Ethics; Film; Health; History and Medicine; Human Computer Interaction; Imaging; Screen and Media; Work Experience-Based Learning

Dr Sonja Ellis
Health; Human Development; Psychology; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Ms Charlotte Ferry-Parker
Adult Education; Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Disabilities; Health; Pedagogy; Social Science Research; Teaching and Learning; Tertiary Education

Mrs Donna Foxall
Adult Education; Ageing; Culture; Health; History; Human Behaviour; Leadership; Learning and Education; Maori Development; Maori Education; Maori Health

Associate Professor Nic Gill
Children's and Youth Sport; Classroom Management; Elite Athletes; Health; Performance; Physical Education; Sport Science; Sports

Emily Grout
Biochemistry; Biology; Genetics; Health; Science

Dr. Mitchell Head
Animal Behaviour; Anxiety; Biochemistry; Biology; Biotechnology; Depression; Engineering; Genetics; Health; Imaging; Maori Health; Maori Research; Microbiology; Molecular Biology; Science; Statistics

Dr Merel Hoskens
Health; Sport Science; Sports

Dr Kim Hébert-Losier
Elite Athletes; Exercise; Health; Sport Science; Sports

Dr Anica Klockars
Animal Behaviour; Biology; Disabilities; Genetics; Health; Human Behaviour; Molecular Biology; Science

Associate Professor Brett Langley
Biochemistry; Genetics; Health; Molecular Biology

Dr Chunhuan Lao
Data; Data mining; Databases; Health; Machine Learning; Population Studies; Statistics

Professor Ross Lawrenson
Doctoral Education; Health; History and Medicine; Human Development and Education; Maori Health; Maori Research; Population Studies

Associate Professor Bridgette Masters-Awatere
Culture; Health; Maori; Maori Development and Education; Psychology

Dr Michael Mayo
Data; Data mining; Health; Imaging; Machine Learning

Dr Oleg Medvedev
Ageing; Anxiety; Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Bilingualism; Child Behaviour; Children; Data; Depression; Health; Human Behaviour; Psychology; Restorative Practices; Science; Statistics; Teaching

Associate Professor Michael Mucalo
Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Health; Materials and Processing; Metals; Waste; X-Ray

Professor John Oetzel
Communication; Health; Social Science Research

Associate Professor Pawel Olszewski
Biology; Genetics; Health; Molecular Biology; Science

Dr Ryan Paul
Health; Science; Science Education

Dr Linda Peters
Biochemistry; Biology; Biotechnology; Genetics; Health; Molecular Biology

Associate Professor Kirsten Petrie
Children; Curriculum; Education Research; Health; Pedagogy; Physical Education; Professional Learning; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Social Issues in Sport; Sport Education; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching and Learning

Professor Katrina Roen
Gender; Health; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Mohi Rua
Cultural Learning; Culture; Health; Indigenous Peoples Sport; Indigenous Rights; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori Development; Maori Health; Maori Identity; Maori Language; Maori Research; Poverty; Psychology; Social Issues in Sport; Social Movements; Te Reo (Maori Language); Treaty of Waitangi

Suzie Schuster
Elite Athletes; Health; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Physical Education; Sport Education; Sport Science; Sports; Teaching and Learning; Youth

Melissa Shirley
Computing; Engineering; Health; Science

Dr Mary Simpson
Ageing; Communication; Experiential Learning; Health; Social Policy; Tertiary Education; Treaty of Waitangi

Professor Nicola Starkey
Anxiety; Child Behaviour; Depression; Gender; Health; Human Behaviour; Psychology; Road Safety; Transport

Dr Rogena Sterling
Health; Human Rights; Indigenous Rights; Intellectual Property; Philosophy; Social Policy

Dr Ottilie Stolte
Health; Poverty; Psychology; Social Science Research; Sociology

Professor Roger Strasser
Education; Education Research; Health; Learning and Education; Learning Environment; Lifelong Learning

Mr Inga Tamou
Adult Education; Advertising and Sport; Arts and Language Education; Classroom Management; Education; Elite Athletes; Exercise; Film; Health; History; Inclusive Education; Inclusive Learning; Language Learning; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Leadership; Literacy Learning; Maori Identity; Physical Education; Race and Gender in Sport; Schools (Primary/Secondary); Sport Education; Sports; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching; Teaching and Learning; Teaching Online

Dr Kyle Tan
Health; Human Rights; Population Studies; Psychology

Professor Holly Thorpe
Advertising and Sport; Children's and Youth Sport; Culture; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Globalisation; Health; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Issues in Sport; Social Science Research; Sociology; Sports; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies; Youth

Dr Jaimie Veale
Gender; Health; Human Rights; Psychology

Dr Jordan Te Aramoana Waiti
Culture; Environment; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Health; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Peoples Sport; Maori Development; Maori Health; Maori Research

Dr Jesse Whitehead
Geography; Health; Human Geography; Population Studies

Dr Nālani Wilson-Hokowhitu
Environmental Education; Environmental Ethics; Gender; Health; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Sustainability