Dr Charlotte Greenhalgh
Ageing; Gender; History; New Zealand History; Youth

Dr William Jennings
French; History; Linguistics

Dr Robert Joseph
History; Indigenous Rights; International Relations; Law; Maori; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori Development; Maori Governance; Maori History; Maori Identity; Maori Land and Community; Maori Legal Issues; Maori Research; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Religion; Resource Management; Restorative Practices; Treaty of Waitangi

Dr Nathalie Philippe
French; History

Dr Raymond Richards
American History and Events; History; Religion

Dr Kate Stevens
Environmental History; History; Maori History; New Zealand History

Mr Beau Stowers
Adult Education; Cultural Learning; Curriculum; Education; History; Indigenous Education; Language Learning; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Learning; Learning and Education; Learning Languages and Education; Linguistics; Maori; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori Education; Maori Identity; Maori Language; Maori Language and Technology; Maori Research; Maori Translation; Te Reo (Maori Language); Teaching and Learning; Tertiary Education