Professor Barry Barton
Climate; Environmental Law; Environmental Politics; Law; Natural Resources

Professor Claire Breen
Children; Human Rights; Law; Youth

Dr Anna-Marie Brennan

Jennifer Campion
Climate; Cyber Security; Dispute Resolution; Energy; Environmental Law; Intellectual Property; Law; Natural Resources

Dr Juliet Chevalier-Watts
Law; Legal Education; Teaching; Teaching and Learning; Tertiary Education

Associate Professor Dr Nathan Cooper
Environment Issues; Environmental Ethics; Environmental Law; Human Rights; Law

Dr Trevor Daya-Winterbottom

Ms Kirsty Dempster-Rivett
Children; Law; Psychology; Social Science Research; Youth

Dr Dara Dimitrov
Accounting; Adult Education; Education; Indigenous Rights; International Trade; Judicial Politics; Law; Maori; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori Development and Education; Maori Governance; Maori Land and Community; Maori Legal Issues; Maori Research; Taxation

Dr Michael Dizon
Computing; Law; Technology

Mr Sam Fellows
Climate; Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Dispute Resolution; Education Policy; Human Resource Management; Law; Physical Education; Sport Education; Sport Governance; Sports; Sustainability

Professor Mark Harcourt
Human Behaviour; Human Resource Management; Human Rights; Labour Market; Law; Strategic Management

Dr Keakaokawai (Keaka) Varner Hemi
Education; Education Research; Human Rights; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Law; Maori Education; Maori Legal Issues; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Teaching and Learning; Treaty of Waitangi

Dr Robert Joseph
History; Indigenous Rights; International Relations; Law; Maori; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori Development; Maori Governance; Maori History; Maori Identity; Maori Land and Community; Maori Legal Issues; Maori Research; New Zealand History; New Zealand Politics; Religion; Resource Management; Restorative Practices; Treaty of Waitangi

Dr Zhixiong Liao
Commercial/Contract Law; Law

Suliana Mone
Law; Pacific Island Politics; Pacific Issues

Dr Gay Morgan
Law; Legal Education; Teaching

Dr Andelka Phillips

Professor Alpana Roy
Indigenous Rights; Law

Associate Professor Wayne Rumbles
Computing; Crime; Cryptography; E-commerce; Law; Technology; Treaty of Waitangi

Linda Te Aho
Environmental Law; Indigenous Rights; Law; Maori; Maori Culture/Tikanga; Maori History; Maori Land and Community; Maori Research; Maori Women; Treaty of Waitangi

Dr Pip Wallace
Environment; Environmental Impacts; Environmental Law; Environmental Policy and Politics; Environmental Resources and Planning; Law

Dr Myra Williamson
Education Research; Gender; Human Rights; Judicial Politics; Law; Legal Education; Pedagogy; Social Policy; Terrorism; Women and Gender Studies

Professor Margaret Wilson