Lifelong Learning

Dr Jane Furness
Adult Education; Arts and Language Education; Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Education Policy; Education Research; Human Behaviour; Human Development; Key Competencies; Learning and Education; Lifelong Learning; Literacy Learning; Psychology; Social Science Research; Teacher Education; Treaty of Waitangi

Dr Laura Gurney
Adult Education; Arts and Language Education; Education Research; English; Language/Literacy/Linguistics; Languages and Literacy Education; Lifelong Learning; Professional Learning; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development

Dr Gemma Piercy-Cameron
Adult Education; Globalisation; Indigenous Education; Lifelong Learning; Organisational Learning; Pedagogy; Social Movements; Social Policy; Social Sciences and Education; Teaching and Learning; Tertiary Education; Work Experience-Based Learning; Youth

Mr Nigel Robertson
Computers and Education; Distance Learning; E-Education; E-Learning; Learning and Education; Learning Environment; Lifelong Learning; Pedagogy; Professional Learning; Teaching and Learning; Teaching Online

Professor Roger Strasser
Education; Education Research; Health; Learning and Education; Learning Environment; Lifelong Learning

Dr Karsten Zegwaard
Co-operative Education; Curriculum; Education; Education Research; Engineering; Experiential Learning; Key Competencies; Learning; Learning and Education; Learning Environment; Learning in Science and Technology; Lifelong Learning; Pedagogy; Science; Science Education; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teaching and Learning; Teaching Ethics and Professionalism; Tertiary Education; Work Experience-Based Learning