Mrs Hawraa Abbas
Communication; Management; Mathematics; Technology Education

Mr Nou Asigau
Leadership; Management; Pacific Issues; Strategic Management

Dr Stephen Bowden
Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Management; Strategic Management; Sustainability

Associate Professor Roger Brooksbank
Management; Market Research; Marketing; Strategic Management

Dr Cheryl Cockburn-Wootten
Adult Education; Ageing; Classroom Management; Communication; Culture; Disabilities; Education Research; Inclusive Education; Inclusive Learning; Management; Pedagogy; Poverty; Social Movements; Tourism; Women and Gender Studies

Professor Tim Coltman
Management; Strategic Management; Supply Chain Management

Associate Professor Eric Deakins
Early Childhood/Early Years Education; E-commerce; Knowledge Management; Management; Strategic Management; Supply Chain Management

Dr Fabrice Desmarais
Advertising; Advertising and Sport; Communication; Culture; Management; Sports Marketing

Dr Suzette Dyer
Education Research; Gender; Learning and Education; Management; Management and Education

Antoine Gilbert-Saad
Management; Strategic Management

Professor Siggi Gudergan
Management; Marketing; Strategic Management

Professor Selin Guney
Agriculture; Economics; Management

Dr Phoebe Guo
Communication; Culture; Human Resource Management; Leadership; Management; Public Relations

Dr Gazi Hassan
Economic Development; Economics; Globalisation; International Finance; Labour Market; Management; Migration; Pacific Issues; Poverty; Religion; Social Science Research; Statistics; Sustainability

Professor Brad Jackson
Leadership; Management; Professional Learning

Mr Neihana Jacob
Management; Maori Research; Strategic Management

Ms Dannie Jefferies
E-commerce; Management; Supply Chain Management

Jonathan Kilgour
Indigenous Rights; Law; Management; Maori Development; Maori Identity; Maori Land and Community; Maori Legal Issues; Statistics; Sustainability; Treaty of Waitangi

Dr Roy Larke
Consumer Behaviour; East Asian Studies; E-commerce; Japanese; Management; Marketing

Myles McInnes
Computer Graphic Design; Management; Technology; Web

Dr Sultan Sikandar Mirza
Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Economic Development; Environmental Impacts; Environmental Risks; Finance; Management; Strategic Management; Teaching English as a second language/English as an additional language

Maria Neal
Accounting; Agriculture; Consumer Behaviour; Corporate Governance; Economics; Environment; Environmental Resources and Planning; Finance; International Trade; Labour Market; Management; Management Accounting; Management and Education; Poverty; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Tertiary Education; Youth

Dr Karyn Rastrick
Management; Teaching Online; Technology; Tertiary Education

Dr Maree Roche
Leadership; Management; Maori Research; Psychology

Korey Rubenstein
Consumer Behaviour; Economics; International Trade; Management; Market Research; Marketing; Strategic Management

Dr Mary Simpson
Adult Education; Ageing; Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Communication; Curriculum; Doctoral Education; Education; E-Education; Health; Leadership; Learning; Management; Management and Education; Pedagogy; Professional Learning; Public Relations; Social Movements; Social Networks; Social Work; Sustainability; Teaching; Teaching Online; Tertiary Education; Treaty of Waitangi

Miss Aurora Stewart
Management; Work Experience-Based Learning

Associate Professor Peter Sun
Leadership; Management

Dr Amanda Williamson
Depression; Emotional Intelligence; Human Behaviour; Machine Learning; Management; Psychology; Social Science Research; Strategic Management

Dr Soo Keong Yong
Economics; Management

Dr Yingsha Zhang
Consumer Behaviour; Data mining; Human Geography; Machine Learning; Management; Marketing; Statistics; Tourism; Tourism and Accommodation; Tourism Development; Tourism Impacts