Management Accounting

Dr Chris Ackermann
Accounting; Financial Accounting; Management Accounting

Dr Samuel Benjamin
Accounting; Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Data mining; Environment Issues; Financial Accounting; Management; Management Accounting; Performance; Sustainability; Technology

Dr Kelly (Pei-Chi) Hsiao
Accounting; Corporate Governance; Corporate Social Responsibility; Management Accounting; Sustainability

Dr Mary Low
Accounting; Corporate Social Responsibility; Education; Financial Accounting; Management Accounting; Morals and Ethics; Sustainability; Teaching Ethics and Professionalism; Tertiary Education

Maria Neal
Accounting; Agriculture; Consumer Behaviour; Corporate Governance; Economics; Environment; Environmental Resources and Planning; Finance; International Trade; Labour Market; Management; Management Accounting; Management and Education; Poverty; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Tertiary Education; Youth

Associate Professor Umesh Sharma
Accounting; Corporate Social Responsibility; Financial Accounting; Management Accounting