Pacific/Pacifica Education

Dr Apo Aporosa
Culture; Education; Education Policy; Education Research; Health; History and Medicine; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Maori Education; Pacific Island Politics; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Psychology; Road Safety; Social Science Research; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teacher Professional Learning/Development

Dr Frances Edwards
Assessment and Evaluation in Education; Curriculum; Education; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Science Education; Teacher Education; Teacher Professional Learning/Development; Teaching

Dr Keakaokawai (Keaka) Varner Hemi
Education; Education Research; Human Rights; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Law; Maori Education; Maori Legal Issues; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Teaching and Learning; Treaty of Waitangi

Ms Barbara Whyte
Pacific/Pacifica Education; Professional Studies in Education; Teacher Education

Dr Nālani Wilson-Hokowhitu
Environmental Education; Environmental Ethics; Gender; Health; Indigenous Education; Indigenous Rights; Pacific Issues; Pacific/Pacifica Education; Sustainability