Stephanie Acraman
Music; Performance

Associate Professor Karen Barbour
Composition; Culture; Dance; Education; Film; Pedagogy; Performance; Philosophy; Race and Gender in Sport; Social Movements; Sustainability; Teaching; Theatre; Women and Gender Studies

Associate Professor Nic Gill
Children's and Youth Sport; Classroom Management; Elite Athletes; Health; Performance; Physical Education; Sport Science; Sports

Dr Declan Patrick
Culture; Dance; Drama; Performance; Theatre

Dr. Panos Patros
Computing; Databases; Electronics; Engineering; Performance; Resource Management; Software Engineering

Associate Professor Robert Rinehart
Children's and Youth Sport; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Performance; Social Issues in Sport; Sociology; Sports

Dr Stacy Sims
Elite Athletes; Exercise; Extreme/Alternative Sports; Gender; Health; Performance; Physical Education; Race and Gender in Sport; Sport Science; Women and Gender Studies